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Hi Bruce,

I am more and more of the mind that viral load is not meaningful, anyway.

It appears that the damage to the liver is not a direct cause of the virus, but is a result of our own immune response to the virus' presence.

Attempting to rid the body of the virus has so far been pretty fruitless. Sure, adding the ribaviron has increased the "response" rate, but what does that really mean in liver terms? Not much, if you read through the literature. It is in improving the health of the liver and catching the infection early enough to stop assisting the damage to occur by drinking alcohol, smoking (anything), and not addressing issues of overweight.

Pegasys (Roche, still not approved by the FDA) has shown improvement in liver health among cirrhotic patients without (thankfully) the addition of the ribaviron, which does nothing at all to the fibrosis/cirrhosis axis.

So, you may well have done some real good for your liver by undergoing the interferon treatment. Retreatment has a lower rate of lowering viral load than initial treatment. There is every reason to be optomistic that what you have already done will produce a good result, viral load or not.

After all is said and done, we still cannot associate the ribaviron with improved liver health.

best wishes,



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[This message has been edited by thanbey (edited 07-20-2001).]

[This message has been edited by thanbey (edited 07-20-2001).]

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