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Hi All,

I hope the readers of this are doing well and are enjoying the waning summer (I'm off on vacation for 2 weeks starting Saturday...HOORAY!!).

I have some questions...

Do you track your "numbers"? I recall reading previous posts that the numbers (ALT, AST, Viral Load...etc.) do not mean a heck of a lot.

Recently, however, I have been reading that doctors use the ALT level when determining whether or not to start treatment. For example, when ALT levels are 1.5 to 2 times normal for three consecutive blood tests treatment is advised.

I also have been reading that milk thistle (MT) serves to protect the liver helping to retard the onslaught of the dragon while lowering ALT levels. I just started taking it, (one week now).

I am scheduled for my 90 day blood test the end of Sept. I am curious to see if MT will have any impact. My ALT levels have been almost exactly 1.5 times the normal level for over a year. BTW I was diagnosed in March 02.

I am wondering, however, if MT does lower the ALT levels is this a good thing? Could it give a false indicator of how the dragon is progressing? If the numbers REALLY don't mean a lot, and if doctors use them to help determine if treatment is warranted, am I possibly hiding a dangerous condition if MT does lower the levels?

How many have taken milk thistle and quit? Why?
How many are taking it and for how long? Why?


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