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Yeah, it's too late to be up doing this message board stuff! I do not sleep well, though, and have not figgered out if it's related to hcv, or being a new yorker,or what. i'm often up at, or during, the night.
just a coupla things from your last post for your notebook:

pegasys is a trade name for a form of pegylated interferon that is not yet avail. in the states. the "PEG" that your doc was probably referring to is PEG-Intron, a related, but different ifn. It is an improvement over the ifn previously avail., but some of us, having become aware of the (apparently) better test results for the competing product (pegasys) have been thinking we'd wait for it to hit the market, then decide.
some of us are waiting for NON-interferon approaches altogether. and of course, some of us have chosen ifn treatment. Any of these choices can be the right one, depends on the person and the circumstances.

as to "high," the studies seem to show that persons with viral counts above two million--some studies say four million--units per mL are statistically less likely to achieve viral clearance through interferon tx. The high count seems to have little else of meaning for us. My count, for instance, has consistently come out above four mil, but i have stage one (mild or moderate) fibrosis after three decades or so of infection, and no discernable symptoms except a streak of feeblemindedness, according to my kids. also, i get tired in the afternoon (related to the sleep disturbances, no doubt). not a big deal. so high count means.........what?

onward and upward (to the roof)!


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