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I read this whole thread already and I wanted to add my thoughts. My hubby has Hep C dx about three years ago, he has had it probably 20 to 30 years. He did everything wrong. He should have had a very damaged liver even without the hep, but instead he has the early stages of liver damage. My daughter and I were tested also. Mine came back negative, my daughter positive. apparently a false positive. I had the doctor do both types of PCR tests on her, which both came back negative.
The doctors and the media made us think it was a death sentence for my hub, but its not. You can't panic over whatever results you get. I have seen my husbands viral load go from 50,000 to 6 million quickly just from stress, and it means little. The alt levels and such can send you into a panic if you let them. Just try to find a doctor who knows the disease well and do what he says.
Hi again,

Good for you on the hep b and especially hep A immuizations!... these are very impt. for us. Although in general i am anti-alarmist about hep c, there is no doubt that getting another hep on top of it is bad news. very bad. so get those shots!!

this is killing me, but you force me to state that I am 56. i did not discover this thing when young, but rather two and a half years ago or so.

from what i've been able to reconstruct of my life history, it seems likeliest that i contracted it 30 plus years ago (by the way, I have had hep B, too, so now i show the antibodies to both. oh, and of course i took my own advice and got the vaccine for hep A, so all three must show up in my blood one will EVER let me donate blood again, that's for sure.)

to further reassure you: yes, you can be experiencing important stages of liver damage without having any symptoms--this does happen sometimes, but no this does NOT translate into: you will have cirrhosis or be near to transplant time and still have no inklings or hints. Yes, every individual case is unique, and yes this is a variable disease, but by the time of cirrhosis, there have usually been hints of illness. then, by the time the cirrhosis is so bad that someone is discussing transplant (!), there are a LOT of symptoms.--that person is ill, and knows it. so, once again, this does not seem to be you, and you can relax a bit.

The liver enzymes are not a certain signal, but in general low is better than high. Without reason to suspect otherwise, if you feel well, and your numbers are low-ish (and they are), the assumption you should be working on is that you are one of the lucky majority, not one of the few who are in shorter-term trouble or may be soon.

keep reading--the vaccine thing was a good catch--you're obviously picking up useful stuff.

oh, and thanks for reasuring me (and your youngest) that you ain't taking off for Cali and leaving any kids behind! Whew.

In the words of bob Marley, "EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALLRIGHT."

ciao Val.....


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