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I have been on alternative medicine for 3 years. It cannot cure Hep can only slow down the progress..the liver can cure itself but you need to stop the progress of diesease..I am now at the point where I am healthy enough to stop the diesease...As all of you know as long as we stay healthy we can fight this thing but in the real world there is sickness and I am tired of worring about colds etc...

July 1999, my sgots were 72 and sgpt were 94. my spleen was 15 cm in length.. liver was normalin size. my PCR virus count was 63,3000. had a biopey in 12/96 showed. portal inflamation 2-3 of 10
loblar inflammation 1-of 4.. interface inflammation 1of 4...fibrosis 1-2 of 4.

had second biopey in 12/01
portal inflamation - 1-2 of 10
periportal inflammation 1 of 4
lobular inflammation 1 of 4
fibrosis - 2 of 4
my viral count is 89,6520
my cats scan show liver enlarged to 20 cms..and spleen is 20 cm also..
as you can see there is a slow progession in five years.
I have seen both sides of the diesease..I have friends that have done succesfull interferone treatments and as of this day are hep c free...I will never stop eastern style medicine..I can't wait to get out of the doctors hands again but till then I will do as I feel I need to for me and my family./..
.Now here is the answer to your questions.
It cost 2200.00 for the first 3 months of treatments...after that you get a discount of 200.00 dollers...That does not include my supplements that cost about 500.00 monthly. I went in for acupuncture 3 times a week for the first 9 months..then twice a week..When I had problems with menopause I started bleeding badly, I ended up in the hospital and got 4 bags of blood..I felt wonderful tho for not having any blood..even the doctors were shocked that I walked in on my own.. I feel and felt great...Dr.Yeh could not stop my bleeding. When I got the transfusion I ended up with sky high SGOTS and SGPTS. as well as low platelets.
I was still seeing dr.yeh and we changed my medisinal teas (teas made up from herbs from china).
the numbers started getting back in line but at a slow pace...My mother in law took ill and we took her in.she passed away...My numbers started going up again from stress plus I started having a glass of red wine to help with the stress..I use to take Zanix (10 years) for anxioty but got off with the help of perfume ( over a year ago) made by dr.yeh and the help of my pastor.No the driking didn;t help or the stress..I always worried about what would happen if I got real sick...I could not even handle antibotics..But I do take natural antibotics for Dr.yehs..
I was tetering in the I watch my numbers about every 3 months to 6 months...I keep all my records..I have had 2 biopsy so I can compare my notes..I have slowly progressed further into liver diesease..I want to stop the diesease..I have done my research on interferone and I beleive it could be a choice for I am not saying I could change my mind..I just started this journey, but I always said I wanted my western doctors to work with my eastern I want the opposite..So dr yeh is going to help me with keeping the rest of my body healthy...I will stay on acupuncture 2 times a week
and some mineral and vitamin suppliments...He knows which ones I can and cannot do..I have been taken off of all herbs because we don't want to cross the two together..He will help me with the side effects..Dr. yeh and his staff have been wonderful to me...They have let me slide when I didn't have the money..I still owe them and they never say anything about it...I just asked my husband how much we spent last year and he said 10,000...I didn't realize it was so much..He never complained but I felt the crunch...
He was working harder and as all people we had difficulties along the way.. right before christmas we were told we will lose our health insurance..well all of you know noone wants to insure I have one year before its gone..My insurance will pay for interferone...My insurance does not pay for alternative I know you must be thinking..."how can she say its the money thats making her decesion" Interferone gives me a chance of getting ride of this ghost from the past that wants to consume me...Dr. Yeh is great but I feel that western medicine and eastern medicine should work together..there is a time for everything.. For instance my platelets were real low 75, I took ginsing root for 2 1/2 weeks and they went up to 106...the ginsing cost 250.00 for 7 days worth...Dr. yeh gave me one and I bought one..There are alot of success stories there.
My advice to your blood test..take them every 3 months to 6 months..don't just go to any herb doctor...research is the key..some herbs can kill you..they are medicne to..
QUIT EATING MEAT AND CHICKEN...meat is hard on the liver to digest...if any one questions chicken just go watch a chicken farm...those chickens are pumped up with chemicals of all kinds...the first thing I did was stop eating meat and I beleive it was the reason my blood work started looking better...TRY IT...give yourself 3,, read,,, read,,,
you can suppliment with soy, tufo,beans, nuts,,vegtibles, fruits...get off of suger and caffenne,,,,its a lifestyle change..
if you read on nutrition on the hcop it will tell you vegitarian is the best way to go to give your liver a break...also the american liver foundation has informaiton on diet and hep c...I also thank dr. yeh for starting me on a propeer way of eating...
Good luck in what ever you decide to do..I will keep you updated...and if I win the lottery I will treat everyone to a cup of tea and a acupuncture treament..Gods blessing and peace...joann

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