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Re: Non responder
Jun 26, 2002
Hi De--

Nope,I'm not on treatment,haven't been yet, tho I am seriuoslyconsidering doing so once Pegasys comes around.

I'm in my mid-fifties and from what I can figure out, have had hep c for more than 30 years. I apparently also had hep b at some point, since i test pos. for those antibodies, too. Not a good combination,but considering what some of the friends I hung out with back then have had, one or two heps is small change.

My biopsy, about two years ago, said that i was still at stage one of fibrosis(i forget the grade and am toolazy right now to go look it up, but it is a rating of inflammation, and inflammation is mostly important for what its results are--namely fibrosis in the case of the inflamed liver. so staging, or level of fibrotic progression, is what we worry most about.)

my ast and alt numbers vary between 80 and 180 depending on the test, the weather, my mood, and which lab gets the blood. never seem to get better, in fact may be very slowly creeping up.

my viral load is always coming in at about 4 or 5million. i forget the exact number (actually i'm waiting for last week's results right now), but its always higher than i can count on my fingers.

as you can tell, i don't take the numbers too seriously, although i know my higher viral count means aslightly less good prognosis for tx. OH, I am genotype 2 (b? jeez, i'm blanking badly--a formof denial),so this is considered a very good sign for prognosis. otherwise, i probably wouldn't even be considering interferon tx, honestly, pegasys or no pegasys. i just don't see taking those risks for a low probability of success. with geno two, at least i know if i treat the odds for me may not be terrible.

The only real symptoms i can identify in my case are exhaustion in the mid-day, and lately, mental dopiness (which my children will be glad to tell you I have always had. So don't ask them.)

So, that's about it for my story. Maybe we'll wind up trying new Peg at the same time. I'm in no hurry, as you must have picked up by now.


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