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Hi, that stage 2 rating is more than likely for fibrosis. If I remember my staging you hit cirrhosis at a stage 4. I was a 3 with early signs of cirrhosis when I started and will probably ask for a new biopsy about 6 months after tx just to see what's what.
Take a deep breath and call your doc or PA and find out how they rate you.
Have a good day and a great weekend.

Hey JJ-
Stage 2 is a little worse than stage 1 fibrosis, stage 2 is fibrosis non- bridgeing, stage three is bridgeing fibrosis, moving to stage 4 is serious and close to cirrhosis, which cirrhosis happens at stage four- the steps leading to cirrhosis, not full blown cirrhosis all the way up the scale, you may have miss understood your Doc, you hang in there, many of us 1A-1B have had stage two for many years,and still respond to the present treatments.
I will find you a site on ratings,

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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