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To thanbey
Oct 19, 2002
Hello Theresa~

I am a 48 year old female, HepC Positive 20 plus years, genotype 1a, viral load 4,670,000 and last month my biopsy came back with 0 liver disease. The lab report didn't have any thing in detail such as stages, and it didn't say anything about portal hypertension. Nada, Zilch. It just said no liver abnormalities. My physician is Board certified in Gastrointerology and Hepatology, says that he is not recommending treatment and to have another biopsy in 4 to 5 years to see if a little something is going on. so I want to trust in what he tells me but now I'm wondering what the chances are of the biopsy being misread? I'm just having a difficult time comprehending that I could have had this virus 20 years, bad genotype and high viral load and no liver damage. In fact, I've had a couple of people that are knowledgeable that say they've only known of a couple of people with this scenario. They say that HepC + individuals usually present with at least minimal fibrosis and mild portal hypertension. What is your opinion on how the heck I could not have any liver damage and what are the chances my liver tissue wasn't examined properly. Thanking you in advance for your opinion.



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