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My partner & i have been sexual for over 10 years, and we have herpes type 1 and type 2.
Just recently, he had a blood test which detected hepatitis c antibodies, and hepatitis b antigen.

We had been having intercourse with condoms, as well as without condoms -
when i was menstruating.
We also had oral sex, and we have passed cold sores (and herpes sores) to each other.

Because of our long term sexual relationship, i was terrified that i must certainly have hepatitis.

I saw my doctor, and was tested for hepatitis. My results were:
1 - negative for hepatitis a antigen,
2 - negative for hepatitis b antigen,
(i'm glad i had a hep. B vaccine years ago),
3 - negative for hepatitis c antibodies.

I love my partner, and he is the most beautiful person i have ever made love to.
The problem is i feel that, any day now, my streak of luck will run out, and i will contract hepatitis, because we have herpes.

I read that hepatitis can "piggy-back" the herpes virus - and this makes me very fearful of contracting hepatitis.

I also read that hepatitis infected saliva exposed to a person's cold sore can infect that person.

Herpes lesions are often very small, and not always noticed, as quick as one might like to notice them.

I am emotionally exhausted.
I am tired of being afraid.

I do not know why i was lucky,
but i do not want my luck to run out.

I would appreciate any educated comments
from a person who is knowledgable about this
or from people in a similar situation. (though, i realize my situation may be rare)

thank you very much to anyone who takes time
to offer me helpful information.

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