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The first hospital did the wrong tests.. so I could only use part of what they supplied. The second lab results are:

ALT 34.. in the normal range
AST 54 top of range is 37
GGT 84 top of range is 51

negative for hep a and b, vaccinations recommended.
I missed one of the terms the dr. used.. prosotases?..
anyway it was 77 which is normal.
genotype is 1. the least likely to respond to treatment.

biopsy was recommended, but I have to say.. if my chances of help via the rib/int treatment are the least great.. I can't see what good it's going to do to jab me with a needle. possible complications, overnight stay, etc.. for what? Just to find out that I should start the treatment I don't want now or later?

Since I would have to take the treatment, which has been described as like doing chemo..or having the flu .. for a whole year, I doubt that I'd bother with the biopsy.

It seems to me that my best bet is going to be alternative medicines. supplements, herbs, diet, etc.
Unfortunately, so many of the sites I've found on this are so goofy... mixed up with numerology or astrology, etc.. that I have serious doubts about the sanity of the people proposing them.

(of course for my two cents, any mysticism is pretty much hooey, no matter where it comes from, judaeo christian or otherwise..these things are all personal things.. I think spirituality is the last consideration I have, and I take care of that myself. It makes no difference to me if Naomi Judds alternative methods are backed by jesus while someone elses are wiccan or buddhist.. I doubt changing religions is going to matter much to my liver.)

If you have any opinion, weak or strong, about alternative methods of treatment, the above numbers, *which look pretty good, still* please reply.
I've ordered a book from Amazon.. after reading tables of contents, reader review and editorial reviews--all after reading many sites for info..
"herbs for hepatitis C and the liver" by stephen buhner.. so I'm hoping that gives me some basics. but it's several days before I'll recieve it.. so easy my tension and share what you can..

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