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Hi. My 46 yr. old sister has been quite ill the past few days and I thought I'd see what you guys thought. I also posted this message on another forum, but it seems to have few people posting, so thought I'd also put it here.

She was diagnosed about 3 years ago with HepC, but it's hard to say how long she might have actually had it for. Could have been years, but didn't know it.

Anyhow, for the past 4 days, she has been in bed most of the time, vomiting, fever, and generally not feeling well, thinking she had the flu. She has had nothing to eat, and has only been able to drink water. Yesterday, her leg/lower back felt a bit sore. This morning, she had horrible pain and had trouble standing and walking. I took her to a medical clinic, and the doctor said her knee was somewhat swollen, but that he felt she might have appendicitis. He sent her to the lab for blood tests and decided that it was not her appendix, but said that her white blood cells are way out of wonk. (She doesn't know what the numbers were, so I can't say if they were really high or low.) Anyhow, he told her to get in to see her regular doctor tomorrow, and felt that these problems were probably to do with the HepC.

So, naturally I'm quite concerned....and am wondering if anyone here could tell me if they have heard of or experienced similar symptoms? Would Hep affect the white cell count? and if so, make it higher or lower? Also, would the swelling in her knee be somehow related to this? And the vomiting and fever?

Her regular GP (general practitioner) has never done many tests, so she has know idea what her "viral" (not sure if that is the right word) load is and doesn't know much at all, except that she definitely has Hepatitis C.

Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated!


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