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Hi again,
thought that I'd post this in a separate post.
I ffinally got the liver biopsy results.
LIVER biopsy:
Grade 2 Portal inflammation
Stage 2 Periportal fibrosis
paraphrasing ortal areas show vaaariable amounts of inflammation,from virtually no inflammation to grade 2 inflammation with focal minimal piecemeal necrosis.bile ducts appear intact. Iron stain demonstrates slight intrahepatic
iron which is minimal but present in hepatocytes, thrichrome stain shows ssstage 2 periportal fibrosis. loblules show veryslight small focoi of lobular inflammation.
Liver Panel:
AST 19: ALT 22; TSH 0.61,TIBC 360, Iron 82
HCV / RNA,Quantitative 67,737
Protie PT12.7 INR 1.1
ANA, NEg. ANA TITRE NOne no eveidence of autoimmune connective tissue disease
RA Factor Titre 1:4 PositiveBlood chemistry all WNLthe few that were high or low were just barely higher or lower.
All I am now waiting for is the results of the Geno-typing. which, hopefullly, will be in this coming week.
My Hep doc feels sstrongly that with the levels oof my labs and of a viral load of 67,000 along with only Grade 2 fibrosis, along with a few other factors, I should be successfull in clearing this dmned daemon Dragon from my body.
So, I got the blood drawn for Geno-typing. praying that I'll hear them next week. fingers crossed(and toes)LOL!
so, I was given the Access Assurance number tocall. :frown:
I can't be placed on teh waiting list for a month, and then there is a month waiting list. I was not given my assuraance number. but I do have my nurse-counsellor, to wom I have alredy spoken with. Shes has sent me the "Be In Charge" packet. uh, which I have not yet opened. am all of a sudden covering my head with my pillow and hididng. I just dont want to have this disease!!!!
I also have the Moving Forward packet.which I hae only skimmed through. I am getting so overwhelmed!!! and shtuff is happenning that is increasing my stressors pretty highly. am taking Paxil now. FM/CMPS/CFIDS raging like never before.
Matter of fact I wound up in hospital this week with severe abdominal cramping, nausea,dry heaves and dehydration. I must have looked so horid, and witchy that a little oy in the ER waiting room took a look at me and began sscreaming!!!! If i hadnt been in so much pain and agony, I wouol have laughed my a off!!! poor sick little boy, having to see this grey, colored bushy haired woman sitting next to him, must've frightened him to death! anyway, I ws admitted and given IV fluids and aniatbiootics and iv pain meds. and luckyme, ot out this morning nd had to go to work tonight. I made it but still feeel weak and queasy. just hope that the LEvaquin nd Flagyl knock out the bug in me. I also have IBS and diverticulitis, and that is what flared.

ok I know, rambling, huh?
ok, so that is the situation with me currently. playing the waiting game for genotyping results and the phone call gggiving me my access number.
Keep me in y'all's prayers as I kep y'all in mine.


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