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hi and thanks for the replies. I know under-eating is bad for the liver, and i have been in recovery for about a month (from my eating disorder) but i still consider my self anorexic because i haven't fully recovered and i am still very much underweight.

I don't understand how i could have gotten it and i still don't understand how it is obtained... from blood? saliva? what? I don't drink, do drugs, have sex, etc.... so maybe i could have gotten it from sharing drinks with my friends... i do sports and we all share each others water bottles , which i know is not the most healthy thing to do, but when your dying of thirst you could care less whose water bottle your drinking out of.
anyways i now having an eating disorder is very dangerous, id idn't exactly ask for one, it kind of just slipped up on me.
Again, thanks for your replies. i have an appt with a doctor specialized in Hepatitis C but not until oct 25th.

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