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star, in response to your posting, i may be able to answer a few of your questions. i have had hepetitis c for almost 20 years, and i feel great everyday, with no symptoms of the virus. i think probably the most important thing is that you STAY AWAY from alcohol and smoking. hepetitis c will slowly destroy your good liver cells, but if you add alcohol to the equation, you can multiply that by 10 times. so it is very important that you don't drink anything with alcohol. it sounds like you have experimented with iv drugs. my advice is stop. if it is a problem, seek help. having hcv is not the end of the world. there are alot of people with hcv that have normal and happy lives, i for one am one of them. remember don't drink alcohol, and don't smoke, and more than likely you will live a long life and die with the virus rather than from the virus. listen to your doctor, and talk to your perents. good luck to you.
Originally posted by scarletchanges:
I used to be really bad into drugs and I started sharing needles with my friend. I only shared a couple of times and now I have hepititis c. I went into a drug treatment program and quit being friends with my best friend and her boyfriend (also my best friend). when school started back, I found that both of them had hepititis. I didn't really consider that I should get tested, but one day I was at the doctor and told her about my old friends and so I ended up getting tested. I went back for my results and it was postive, so I had to get another test and so now I have hepititis c. I want to pretend like it doesn't bother me, but it really does. I'm not quite 18, so I won't be able to start any medication yet (if necessary). I've been searching websites for information, but I am only finding basic stuff. I would like to know stuff that could mess up my liver worse (like medicines). I don't even know anything that is dangerous to your liver, except maybe aspirin. If anyone can help me please e-mail me or reply or if anyone has any support they can give me please e-mail or reply. If there is anyone that has had hepititis c for at least a couple of years, I would like to hear from you and hear about what it's been like (living with hepititis c). Take care everyone.

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