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I was diagnosed with Hep C last summer. My Viral Load=1,028,000, Liver Enzymes(ALT)=188 & Liver Biopsy= stage 2 of fibrosis.
I began 6mos. of the hellaciuos Rebetron treatment August 11th. Completion date of Rebetron Therapy was Jan. 26th. (Glad I did it!!) I had every side effect possible from the treatment. At 12 weeks of treatment my Viral load was non-detectable, my liver dropped down to 17 but my red blood cell count was also down to 8.2 from the start of 13.8. My Dr. reduced my dosage to 3 ribaviran a day. It took a month but the anemia & Shortness of Breath improved.
My question is....I have been off treatment for a little over a month.....I still get hair is still falling nails are still paper thin & am still somewhat depressed. How much longer will all this continue??? Anything i can do to help the process along. Is this the result of the Rebetron still in my system??

Anyone with knowledge or experience in post treatment please let me know!!



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