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Cudagirl, I started with a viral load over a million, don't remember exactly how much as my copies of the tests are at home, my alt and ast were both as high as any I've heard. I ended up being diagnosed last fall and started treatment this January. I think I had almost as many sides before tx as during, it's just that on tx they all happen at once and a lot more of the time. The last 5 years my docs had me half convinced I was a hypochondriac, but all of those symtoms fit with Hep C.

I have to say, I know a number of other 1b's and 1a's who have cleared and remain clear 6 months to 2 years post tx. My doc told me that even the 1s and 4s are doing well and that if I take 80% of my Meds 80% of the time I stood about an 65% chance of clearing, this is based on his patients results. I'm also think that your biopsy results are more important than ast-alt or viral load. If you are a stage 1 I'd wait for some non interferon tx. If you are stage 2 mild fibrosis you have a tough decision as you could possibly wait with or without further problems - stage 3 moderate fibrosis or a stage 3 I would seriously cosider doing the treatment, I'm that stage 3 with traces of chirosis.

As most folks will probably tell you, treatment sucks, besides the Peg and Riba you will probably need a bunch of stuff for the sides caused by them. I have Rx's for

Sleep - only need once or twice a month
Anti Depressant - Just changed to a new one as the old quit working
Headache - Migraine med
xanax - for anxiety - stressful situations - occasionaly
Tylenol - a LOT of the time for some heavy Arthritis type aches and pains
And a few other meds that may or may not be hep related.

Treatment started in January and mainly the first shot and 2-3 days after the first shot were the worst. It was like a bad flu and I work when I have the flu.

Since then it varies! About every 4-6 weeks I'll have a bad couple days or a bad couple of weeks where I really feel krappy caused by a build up of the meds and I'm a heavy doser. I take .5 of the peg and tend to draw stronger rather than weeker and 1200mg of the Riba - 6 pills a day.

All of this said it is do-able and I would make the choice to treat again. Despite the bad days and weeks, I have not missed one day of work so far. My last shot is the weekend before X-mas and I can't think of a better present than to continue clear of the virus. If you have any other questions, let me know!


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