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well I'm glad I'm not the only one with a weird sense of humor! Jeanie , my biopsy came back grade 4 stage 3. Yeah , I'm guilty of induldging(sp?) in a few ladies nights(free booze) in my youth :> .But IMO I think the reason I'm where I am is because I smoke. Well I did.August 19th ...2:30 p.m. e.s.t last ciggy!!! However, I'm 36 and I've smoked since I was 16. Yep, 20 years. This has been the hardest thing . To quit smoking i mean. But , back to the topic, yes I've decided on treatment because of my genotype(2b) but also to get the viral load down or undetected. Now I've heard differences of opinion on that subject i.e. viral load and fibrosis not necessarily having anything to do with the other.However, my doctor has explained his point of view which is...high viral load in blood = high amount of damage occuring. So I'm opting for treatment (if all the doc's release me). My goal is to slow down the progress hepc has made on my liver. I'm hoping that my having quit smoking will somehow weigh favorably for me in a "karma kinda way,dude" lol
take care

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