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Hi fellow 2b-er!

Your doctor is right about getting clearence through the opthamologist. Some people experience vision problems related to the treatment.

I am going for it when Pegasys is released. Geno 2bs are reported to respond very well to treatment and I am ready to give it a run. My biopsy came back as Stage 1, grade 1 so I feel extremely blessed because I drank a lot (loved to party all night) then in the morning I'd take Tylenol to get rid of the hangover. But the good Lord has saved me for something better and with His help I will get thru this. I figure I've had this close to 20yrs.

I use humor a lot too (although some people don't think I'm very funny). Its how I cope. Love to crack myself up!

I am praying that I will not have to take any antidepressants during treatment and maybe not any sleep aids. They say that if you have past problems with chronic depression that tx can make it worse.

What do you plan to do? You and Beetlejuice (say that 3x's) are the only other 2bers I know. Like I said before, I can live with HCV but I'd rather not!

Talk to ya later!

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