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Hep c questions
Jan 30, 2011
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Hello all, I'm new here and have some questions, maybe someone can help. Just diagnosed with hep c and I am going to begin treatment with the pills and the weekly shot starting in March. I have heard some terrible stories that people cant work and function well while on treatment. I know everyone reacts differently to medication however I really want to know what to expect. My Dr.told me to expect to feel like I am running at 80% instead of 100%. O.K. so I can understand I can basically feel like crap, but what about other things I have heard about. Will i get skin sores? is my hair going to fall out? I want to take a positive attitude thru the 6 months of treatment but I feel the better prepared I am the easier treatment will be. I am terrified of skin sores and losing my hair. whats up with this?
everyone is different, if you can handle having a bit of the flue you will be fine if your a whiner when your sick then you wont feel like getting off the couch, remember to eat well, drink lots of water, and light exercise ie walking get up and get out !! my hair got thin not bald so i got it cut short, no one noticed, no sores, maybe a cancor on my tongue or two but more tired than usual , good luck to you ive had this disease now for 25 years and been through tx twice, most of the time i try to forget i have it.

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