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Hi I had acute which has a faster onset then chronic, though the stages should be basically the same.
In stage 3 the symptoms are very noticeably more intense, like becomming very angery over the slightest provocation. Have they or do they check the ammonia levels ? The higher the concentration of ammonia the more severe as the ammonia enters the bloodstream and permeates the Blood-brain barrier and increases the pressure: Cerebral Edema (brain swelling) also it can carry contaminates with it and cause infection within the brain.
Also they use Lactulose to reduce ammonia, it's a laxative...though it works.

Also a decent doctor is imparative, there are lot of them that are not sympathetic do to the cause of illness. A decent Dr. would be monitorong the ammonia levels, Bilirubin and so on, and most likly have them on a low protien diet to reduce ammonia in the system. And I have heard of some non-absorbed anti-biotics to reduce any chance of infection, as absortion of certain chemicals can have an unwanted outcome then intended for.
Also do they run a high tempature ? that is another grave concern as high temps increase the speed of deterioration.

My prayers are with you, as I know this must be very hard on you, and other family members. The doctors I had told my family to make funeral arrangments...though here I'm still alive. they had to demand that certain treatment be given me. I was only being given saline with electrolytes, I had bilateral pneumonia from no respiritory care being given and severe bed sores from the staff not wanting or caring enough. My family asked why I wasn't being given antibiotics or intervenous feeding, and was told they we're afraid it might kill ironic.
There is not much else I can say, I havn't been able to find answers on my own behalf. I have residual effects from my bout with this as it's physical and mental. I do fairly well (I'm not a vegtable by no means) as the Dr. told my family it was more likly I might be, and I was given a life expectancy of 5 years...that was in May of 94"

Via con Dios,

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