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JW - can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your life experience with me. You are a miracle for sure!! You are meant to be here now!!! What an amazing account of your experience! And you are right - those are things most people don't share on these postings.

I agree with you completely on having the doctor talk to my bro in law about driving - that is what I'm encouraging my sister to do and I think that is a very good idea.

He drank every day heavy for 30 years before this really hit him. And three years ago when he had his bleeding (varices) and was in an 8 day coma that is when he stopped drinking! So every day now is a blessing - we have all learned so much through this. But what I know is his ability to stop drinking has given him these days, months, years - however many we all have together. He's had quality time with his grandkids and made peace over other things. We are all very aware the outbursts are from the HE so we handle them accordingly. Still easier said than done! He hasn't been physical yet, but we are prepared! It's taken him almost 3 years for us to start seeing some progression - so maybe this is going very, very slowly. I am learning - to cherish each day. He is real good about taking the meds and eating right - and his doc is very good. We do what we can - that is really all you can do - the best you can, right?

I keep rereading the part about your experience of the man and woman talking to you and that it could not be a dream. That had to be reassuring for you! My best friend of many years had a somewhat similar experience after losing her baby to SIDS - you wonder how many people have that kind of encounter. I don't know how long ago you encountered your stage 4 - but I am so grateful you came back and have stayed strong - and are so "open" and sharing with total strangers like me who get so much out of understanding this better. To say thank you seems inadquate. Yes we are praying the doctor is wrong (they are wrong every day) and we have lots more time. Thank you JW. Stay strong, and know you are appreciated. Another big hug your way. Sandy

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