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About how long does it take hepatic encephalopathy (from alcoholic cirrhosis) to progress from Stage 2 to Stage 3/4? Brother in law has had Stage 2 about three years now but lately he seems to be getting worse. He stopped drinking 3 years ago at age 51 when he experienced severe vericeal bleeding and 8 day coma - at that time doctor told him he had 3 years. He does take all his meds. Thanks for any help. Just trying to find some real answers. He does not qualify for tranplant.
I started a new post looking for anyone who has survived a stage 4 w/ HE from fulminant hepatic failure, and have had no replies...:(
I've been looking since 1994, and haven't even found a doctor who has heard of anybody. I just was wanting to know how others have been dealing with the residual effects.
I was reading about chronic HE and found that if the person is getting worse to look for any underlining causes that may be adding to the progression of the HE. That if you find any, could be diet, med's, anything that could effect the liver or renal (kidney) functions, the kidneys excreate most of the toxins built up in the liver, ammonia, bile and other unknown toxins.
By eliminating the cause, it could be something so minute it's overlooked. His condition may inprove. Have you checked out wikipedia about HE, they have some useful info & mabye a few links.


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