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[QUOTE=sunshinec;4751899]I'm so glad I found this message board. Here's my story:

I went to the doctor for some routine STD tests last week. My Hep C test came back positive. I've been through a range of emotions ever since I found out - anger, depression, sadness, hopelessness, fear, and the "why me" question.

Background about me - I just turned 34 (how's that for a birthday present!), I've never used intravenous drugs/needles. I do have two tattoos, but they were done in a (supposedly) reputable shop. I've never had any blood transfusions either.

So my theories on how I may have picked this up -- either via sexual contact, or through the nail shop (I've read that transmission there is possible). I do recall going to the nail shop a time or two and my cuticles being cut and bleeding.Have any of you ever heard of people contracting hepatitis via a nail shop? Since I keep reading that sexual transmission is rare, this is the only logical straw I can draw about how I got this disease.

Yesterday, the doctor ran a secondary set of tests - they said they wanted to make sure it's not a false positive, and probably to determine what strain of Hep C I have. I should have the results back by Friday or Monday.

I'm reading about the treatments and I'm terrified. Because I've been overweight most of my life, I routinely get physicals every year - and my liver enzymes have always been normal. Right now I haven't knowingly had any symptoms. I exercise regularly (due to my weight issues) and try not to eat many processed foods. I'm hoping that my health habits will help if I do indeed have Hep C. I will admit that I've had a few weekends where I may have drank a little too much, but I am cutting out drinking altogether since I may now have this disease.

So right now, I sit here, scared, mad, and disappointed in myself...and asking why me? I'll keep you guys posted on how things go.

Thanks for reading,
Hello sunshine How u got hep really is not that important anymore.What is ,is getting treatment. Dont worry about being a little overweight.That might help u when u start treatment because of loss of appetite. One of the most important things is that u get your head in the right frame of mind before starting.I've been on Ribavirin 1200 mil a day Interferon injections every week. I had depression ,anxiety, self pity,loss of appetite ,aching muscles and joints and then my dr started me on Victrelis Which is Boceprevir,12 200 mil caps aday About 2 months into my treatment it got so i could bear the treatment.Now with the Boceprevir Im sicker than when I started treatment.I lost my govt job of 39 bucks an hr and its really hard to function but i refuse to give in to this thing.Dont be afraid my dear,If i can do it u can too.After all ,what does not kill us will only make us stronger.I hope this helps and bless u.I would be happy to help u and anyone else as much as i can..PS besides, with a name like sunshine there has to be a rainbow somewhere in your future ROCKHEAD

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