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My story, I have HEP C, too.

I was in my younger 30's, (4 years ago) when I started having weird symptoms, that included diarrhea, fevers, fatigue and swelling of the adominal areas. I went to my doctor at the time, and was misdiagnosed. I was told it was IBS (Irriable Bowel Syndrome), though I argued it was something else. I even stated, could it be HEP or crohn's disease. My doctor dismissed it. I pressed, and I was given a blood test .. and was thinking I was being checked for "everything". The test came back, and was for only liver screening ... and those came back within guidelines, so again my concerns were dismissed. I went on with my life and suffered. Then one day, I was in extreme pain, and had massive bowel movements (seriously), and was thinking I was going to die. After 1 week, I had lost 20 lbs, and my symptoms disappeared. I was back to my self, and able to work @100%. My job relationship had suffered during this ordeal (12 months), and I informed my supervisor, I felt I was cured from this mysterious sickness. My attitude also improved with everyone.

It wasn't long after this (1 yr), I was laid off from my position (of several years), I really think it was due to my condition prior. I didn't have insurance coverage with this job, and this job was a govt position, and didn't participate in SSI. About 6 months after I was laid off, I started experiencing pain and a noticeable fatigue. The pain was like a knot in my liver area, and the fatigue .. well, friends and family thought it was due to be depressed from being out of work. After the next couple of months, the pain grew, the swelling returned, and I became a zombie. I was becoming depressed .. here I am going through this again, but now experiencing pain too, with no employment income, but just unemployment. I went on like this for about 1yr, till I could not put up with it anymore. I went to one of those "clinics" ...

Same thing. Doctor assumed I was there for pain pills, or to try to get ssid. I stressed, I have something wrong, and I need to know why. Blood test were ordered, again ... nothing (liver test again). I asked did you check for HEP C, and explained I was exposed to this and many other virus in my former line of work. An agrument ensued, because how dare I question a doctor. Well, the Doc said fine, you want another test for HEP C, you can take a full STD screening, and you can even go to a sonagram appointment. I would have to pay full price, because it was not a necessity.

First the blood tests (STD screening) and I had my appointment for the sonagram the next few days. The sonagram tech, said something like, well you have gallstones, (and I was like OK!, finally .. right?) BUT, I don't think this is what is causing your pain in a stone face. This bothered me, but family said not to stress. About 1 week later, I received a call from the Doc's office, I was told I had HEP C, and there was nothing more they could do there. I was on my own. Cold? I was thrown in to a downward spiral.

Ok, honestly here. I have never taken drugs other than a few puffs off a marijuana joint where I was a teenager. I knew back then what I wanted to do in my life and steered away from the drug scene. I have never had a tattoo, never had a piercing, never had a broken bone, no surgeries, been with my significant other, which I have a family with mostly for the past 17 yrs.

I was exposed to blood and bodily fluid on a daily basis from my job, that job was a peace officer.

This has turned into a workers comp case, and the red tape has been awful experience. I still have not started my testing or anything. Other than having to go to the ER for pain, and swelling in my legs and feet, that also appeared jaundice.

My problem now, the workers comp want to cut off payments to me, which are ridiculously low (less than unemployment rate). What happens when you need other medical treatment, like dental. I have lost my home, lost my car, lost my family, kinda of ... it is too much for them. I don't blame them, I am not the best person to be around at this time in my life. I sometimes can't get up to do anything, and recently experience a convulsion / seizure .. I don't what it was, and the ER couldnt say either. I was in so much pain (abdominal) that it just happened.

Another thing for discussion is, future medical insurance and life insurance .. what are the odds of being able to qualify if HEP is on the charts.
Thanks for reading my story. Remember, even if you liver results are in normal range, doesn't mean you don't have Hep ... the doctors get it wrong.
Jeez I don’t know what to say. You have not had the best of medical care have you. I feel for you.
I am not American, so don’t really understand what a Peace Officer is (I assume Police).
HepC is a blood born virus and is NOT transmitted thru body fluids. So it was the blood you came into contact with that was the likely transmission.

Gallstones are a common occurrence in those with HepC. I have them. Or at least did when I had my Ultrasound.
The URQ (upper right quadrant) pain is also a common Sx of HepC but also of Gallstones).
BTW the liver doesn’t feel pain it is the sack around it that does.
This pain can be referred or felt in the right shoulder.
Fatigue is also a very common symptom of Hep C, in fact all your symptoms are common with Hep C.
The ones that concern me are the swelling of the abdominal areas and swelling in the legs and feet.
Honestly these two symptoms should have been a give away to your Dr.
Swelling in your legs and feet is called edema. Abdominal swelling is called ascites.
In my opinion you need to see a gastroenterologist sooner rather than later.

It would help if you posted your blood test results, CBC and LFTs

All the Best

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