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I do not know a woman, five months ago, unprotected vaginal sex.

- 1 weeks after, Ear and facial rash, 5 months, continues.
- 2 weeks after, Blurred vision in my eyes, took one day.
- 4 weeks after, Loss of appetite, Chills, fatigue. Lasted 15 days.
- 5 weeks after, A white-coated tongue, fissures and combustion, Edges of the wound, pain and swelling. Continue 3.5 months.
- 6 weeks after, My bowel, excessive gas constant movement and voice. 3 months continues.
- 7 weeks after, Burning and stinging in my eyes. Ongoing.
- 8 weeks after, dizziness. Lasted for 1 month.

My tests.

6 weeks after anti hcv 0.02 neg.( ELISA 3gn )
12 weeks after anti hcv 0.20 neg.( EIA )
15 weeks after anti hcv 0.12 neg.( ELISA 3gn )

17 weeks after ALT, AST,Bilirubin, creatinine,All hemogram, tests were. normal values. Ultrasound, normal liver size.

20 weeks after anti hcv 0.02 - Anti Hbs 50.37 poz. HIV 1/2 ab/ag neg. VDRL all neg.( ELISA 3gn )

20 weeks after, Sgot,Sgpt, ALT,,hemogram tests. Normal values.

1- Are these symptoms associated with hepatitis C?
2- Tests are sufficient?
3- What else would you recommend the test.


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