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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]I joined this forum awhile back after learning my husband was in end stage cirrhosis. He's been diagnosed with HEP C since Nov. 2011, but they couldnt figure out why he was staying so jaundiced and sick. They put him on the triple therapy back in Aug. He was on it for 7 weeks when they had to stop it, due to extreme swelling of the belly. Turned out it was ascites. It got worse last month. finally our dr discovered his gall bladder was only functioning at 7%, they removed that, and most of the jaundice was gone. BUT, since last November, he's had 3 liver biopsies, first two he had showed minor cirrhosis.....this time, Dr took a larger section while he was doing the removal of the gall bladder. The results came back : END STAGE CIRRHOSIS........WOW.......were the first two not right ? My husband is 56 yrs old, up until this stuff he was healthy as a horse. After this recent diagnosis, he is so emotional and can't understand how this went so fast ? ...We have been seeing Dr. Cotler out of Loyola University Hepatology center for the past year along with our family physician . Tomorrow we see Dr. Cotler to discuss our options. He has been told his MELD score is 17 and that he could possibly qualify for a living donor from one of his siblings , family members if they match. It is the only hope he is holding on to........ So far I have been able to be strong for him, and to try to keep him positive. They will only let him work 3 days a week, which for him was a hard thing to take, he's worked his whole life. He's more worried about me and what's going to happen if he dies. We're covered by Mortgage Life, so our house would be paid for, and I would get his SS and Pension I tell him not to worry... but he does........I just needed to get all this off my chest for a day.......anyone else going thru this too ??? It's rough, and without God in my Life I don't know if I could handle it.......:(...Thanks for reading this if you do.......HUGS.........Rett[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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