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Hi everyone,

My name is Jason I am 24 years Old and this is my first post on this Forum. Let me tell u a liitle of my story. I was diagnosed with hep c about 11 months ago, as was my girlfriend after being admitted to the hospital for a minor car wreck. The doctors and us could come up with no explanation as to how we both could have contracted it so we must have contracted it thru an Old roommate WHO had it. He used to Cook dinner for us all the time and admitted to cutting himself once or twice and not being as careful of making sure he didnt get any blood in the food or cleaning it up as he should of been. Needless to say this devestated us as all we ever heard was how it was a death sentence. We that has been our only visit with physicians since because neither of us have Medical insurance and Its just too expensive to see a doctor, so I haven't had a biopsy to see how bad my liver was but we had only been living with the guy for 3 months before the wreck so I couldnt have had it for mor then 24 months. So after reading my background, these are my worries.

For almost this whole time i have not had any notable symptoms until about 3 months ago. It started when one morning my hands went numb. It didnt concern me at first cuz it only happened a couple times and i thought I must have slept some way that it cut off my circulation. But then it started happening almost every morning and sometimes during the day. Also about a month later my the bobes in my hands and fingers would hurt really bad like I had arthritis sometimes. I also noticed that somedays the joints in my lega and arms would hurt and I'd be really sore all over as well, and I looked a little paler from the usual color of my skin. So after all these symptoms built up I couldnt afford to see a doctor so I began looking online and found these could all be symptoms of hep c from a disease called cryoglobulinemia, but I could not find out what stage in hep c this can occur. I have also noticed I Lost a considerable amount of Wright without excersising as i dont have much of an appetite anymore. But what has been happening over the past two weeks that has me really worried is ive started twitching at Night and getting unexplained shortness of breath, which ive read is a sign of cirrhosis. I also just found out that u can get What called hepopathic ( sp?) Diseases once cirrhosis occurs and cannot find out if cryoglobulinemia is consideres one of those diseases.

So I guess my worries are: do these symptoms sound like or are symptoms of cirrhosis, or is it just chronic hep c symptoms? Also. Is it possible or heard of a person wit such a short time of hep c to advance to hep c so early on? I am a little bit of a hypochondriac and am worrying myself to death over this. My girlfriend by the way does not have these problems. I still have no insurance or money to see a doctor but am in the procesa of trying to get emergency medical, but we'll see how that goes. So any feedback or information would be greatly appreciated

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