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End stages of Hep C
Jan 27, 2013
My father has had Hep C since I was a child. a few years ago they told him they had the end stages ( I think it was 4th stage liver cirrhosis) he has tried different treatments. How ever over the past week he has been having some stomach issues. I am very terrified and he refuses to go to a dr. his stomach has bee bloating, he seems confused and forget's thing's a lot. He say's he is trying to just eat little things so he does not upset his stomach more. He is constantly falling asleep. He has gained at least 15 pounds in about a week and a half. He has been trying to eat better. Can someone tell me if he should be concerned? i don't want to freak out but I am the kind of person who would rather be prepared and know what the possibilities are. Could this be his liver giving out? Can someone tell me what they think and what I should watch for and expect? Is there a point when he NEEDS to go to the dr? I don't want to nag him or or force him to the ER if it's not something 100% necessary. He is a stubborn man. i am just really confused and worried that i have my self in a huge mess mentally worrying that this is it for him when it may not be needed. any help is greatly appreciated.
My father in law had the bloating too (he has hep c and cirrhosis, but not end stage) and he ended up needed a water pill because he was retaining too much fluid. After he got on one, his stomach did deflate, for lack of a better word. He also had a bleeding ulcer and verices in his esophagus. He did end up in the hospital from them. That's his experience though, that may or may not be what's going on with your dad.

I hope your dad feels better. My fingers are crossed.

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