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I was recently diagnosed with hep C I am 46 years old and not sure when I contracted it but possibly could of been from a blood transfusion when I was 17. I am having a hard time understanding all these numbers and what they mean to my immediate health. The doctor said my viral load was high yet another number showed little Liver damage. How can they tell if there's any Liver damage from blood test? I didn't think you could. My viral load RNA is 1230000, which I'M pretty sure is relatively high however not sure how worried I should be. my ALT is 51 and AST is 46 . I really don't understand what these numbers mean. I've only been to the Clinic doctor 2 times and they gave me a Referal for a Hep C program at the UCSD in San diego. I was also given some information on a Medical study group that does Hep C studies. I didn't have insurance when I was first diagnosed so I went and applied for LIHP through the Welfare office and was approved. I was told since my insurance is basically at the bottom of the totem pole that it could take awhile to be treated.. Any information would be appreciated or advice... Thanks

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