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Autoimmune hep!!
Nov 30, 2014
I haven't been well for 14 yrs and had all sorts of tests over the years, nothing major has every been found. I was really poorly 18 months ago and my gp did bloods and my LFT was abnormal, my ALT was 94. He tested me for for hepatitis and all was ok. He referred me to a gastroenterologist who did extensive bloodwork for my liver. My ALT had dramatically improved to 41 but i tested posistive for ANA with homogenous HEP2 and past eveidence of EBV , and outranged serum lipids. All the other bloods were ok. He said this wasn't typical of autoimmune hepatitis but wanted to do a biopsy. I was having other tests at the time for headaches so i eneded up not getting the biopsy because my ALT went back to normal.
I am worrying now that i might have it. The last month i have felt sick and last week my liver area felt strained if i moved or coughed. My right shoulder blade constantly aches but it feels more like musculoskeletal.
My gp took loads of bloods on Tuesday and i see her 2 weeks for the results. She wrote no signs of liver disease. I am worried that i should have went ahead with the biopsy and i have done more damage.
Anyone else have anything similar?

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