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... She is thought to have autoimmune hepatitus or possibly Wilson's disease. They have narrowed down her diagnosis with labs and an ultrasound on her liver. ... (22 replies)
... Does anyone on that checks this message board have autoimmune hepatitus? ... (22 replies)
... Hello to all! I've recently been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitus after many months of investigation, including blood tests and a liver biopsy. ... (5 replies)

... g treated with steroids. I went on to develop ulcerative colitus. Eventually, I had my colon taken out. Doctors thought I would have no more problems with the hepatitus since they felt it was somehow connected with the colitus. But, the hepatitus is back again. ... (22 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Auto immune hepatitus when I was 10 years old. I was jaundice and very thin. I was put on 40 mg Prednisone. Now I am on Ursodiol and azathioprine. ... (22 replies)
... autoimmune hep is when the immune system in the liver treats the liver as an enemy. it attacks the liver from within. autoimmune hep can lead to cirrohsis and or liver cancer. it is currently being treated with steriods. good luck. ... (22 replies)
... hi, i have stage 4 hep c and found out in december that i also have autoimmune hep. right now i am not a candidate for the prednisone and some other medicine whose name escapes me right now. ... (22 replies)
... the aih is back in again. welll, i guess it never went.... loys moretests... yuch. (22 replies)
... that is awesome.... by the way, people with cirrhosis must be careful with multiple vitamins. i just attended a conference where both pbc and aih discussed.... the best doctors in the country were there..... too many minerals in your vitamins can be harmful to your liver. when the liver does not work well, i guess the minerals will build up. ADEK are the hardest... (22 replies)
... Without pulling my records up I can't say, however, I remember the doc stating the fibroses damage had just started. For some reason I've thought of my level of fibroses as "surface rust". As I have gotten older, I try not to worry about things no matter how serious - do what I've got to do and press on. TB (22 replies)
... sounds like you are doing ok..... cincinnati has a good hepatology program.... i couldnt take imuran. it put me in the hospital for a week. now take cell cept instead. it is easier for me to tolerate. i hope to keep the tx as far into the future as i can. what stage cirrhosis are you? it will state that in your biopsy!! (22 replies)
... Here's my testimony. 43 y/o male, s/w ohio area, before aih - general good health (husky big framed guy), live in a rural area raising thoroughbred horses from 1997 to present (never know. . . may find some link), married, 3 children from 16 to 10 years of age. Been on BP meds for about 6-7 years. Oh yea, sinuses most of my adult life - a curse for most living in the Ohio... (22 replies)
... I have 4th stage PBC and 3rd stage aih, with 4th stage cirhossis from the two diseases overlapping... my liver works at 20% capacity right now, but that is enough to keep me from being listed...LOL i also had outrageous numbers in the beginning with a 2268 ast and alt and alk phos in the 1000 range, billi was 22.6! Prednisone and imuran are the protocol.... prednisone is... (22 replies)
... I have always been healthy. About 2 years before I got sick with AIH, I had pneumonia twice for the first times. Now I've been constantly sick with colds and such. But that could be from my low immune system now. Tina (22 replies)
... Hi. My 15 year old son came down with Pneumonia last June. He seemed tired all summer. Started pulling out of it and getting energy back in the fall. Took him outside our HMO to get his a Dr. slip approval for Basketball as it was a 3 month wait at HMO. The doc we went to noticed he had retention of fluid in lower legs. Was concerned. Said we should go see regular doc and... (22 replies)
... sjkiley, Hi, I have both pbc and aih. I would really like to swap info if you have a moment. I am new to this board, really any boards. There was no one with the some/any info close to mine to speak with. would like to hear from you. (22 replies)
... beccaben, what would you all like to know? I will help anyway I can, TIna (22 replies)
... Most of us that have AIH have had mono beforehand. SOme right before, or some like me years before the AIH developed. There is no proven link. Maybe just coinsidence? ANyway, I hope your daughter gets better. Steroids do help with AIH. It is THE treatment for it. They saved my life. I was in liver failure and on the transplant list. The steroids did turn things around. Thnak... (22 replies)
... Hi folks, Iam recently diagnosed with AIH (today) any ideas or help out there? What do you know about this disease? Talk to me? (22 replies)
... I was diagnosed one year ago with AIH. I was near liver failure. It came on very fast. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks. The steroids saved my life and kept me from a liver transplant. So far. I have had many complications from the AIH as well. You are not alone. The side effects from the Prednisone is not fun either!! My liver is only half functioning now. But I am still... (22 replies)

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