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... how you contract hepatitis b (1 replies)
... Can you Contract Hepatitis B by Sharing a Drink or food With SOMEONE? ... (6 replies)
... You contract Hep-B the same that you contract AIDS---blood and/or bodily fluids; however; Hep-B is much more potent than AIDS. (6 replies)

... Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease as well as a blood to blood disease. You cannot catch it by sharing food. You can catch Hep A that way. ... (6 replies)
... so you can contract hep b by sharing a drink or food with some1? ... (6 replies)
... You cannot contract hepatitis B from a cat scratch. ... (1 replies)
Hepatitis B?
Dec 4, 2005
... other, at some time or other, she has been exposed. Whether that means she is now at any risk can probably only be determined by her and her doctor. I had hep b at some point, my results always show positive core antibodies what? ... (2 replies)
... I have a family member who has HIV and Hepatitis B. My question is this...I was scratched by his cat last week and was wondering if you can contract Hepatitis B from a cat scratch. I know that HIV you cannot since it doesn't live long outside of the body. ... (1 replies)
... or any viral hep. a baby can contract it, either in the womb or birth canal or afterward, but that has nothing to do with genes. it is a viral disease. ... (6 replies)
Hepatitis B?
Nov 26, 2005
... hi,im not sure but i had hep b when i was 18 im now 47. ... (2 replies)
... I do know Hepatitis C. can be contracted in the way you describe. You should be tested for antibodies to Hep. C. ... (1 replies)
... my cousin went to a different country and he came back with it, could it be genetics that he got the hepatitus b from his parents? ... (6 replies)
... can you contract hep b and aids through food (1 replies)
... its transimited through sexual intercourse but also at birth. Mother to child is more common in Africa due to health conditions but now its hep. b is associated with HIV due to the similar ways of transmission. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I need some answers... I want to know can someone be at risk of getting hep.B/C if one had a cut on the finger and touched dry blood? The cut was open and the blood was dry for alomost an hour. Please someone answer me... Thanks (1 replies)
... Different forms of Hepatitis work differently in the body. ... (13 replies)
... Just recently, he had a blood test which detected hepatitis c antibodies, and hepatitis b antigen. ... (3 replies)
Hep B
Feb 6, 2006
... hi Feisty, Don't torture yourself--the tests are quick, common, cheap, and available at any MD's office or clinic. Hep A is the most communicable, but also the most likely to have serious, noticeable symptoms, and the least likely to go chronic (long lasting). So, it is not so very likely that either you or the boyfriend have had A, although not impossible. hepB, on the... (6 replies)
Hep B
Jan 31, 2006
... risk when it comes to oral sex but does anyone know about Hepatitis B? ... (6 replies)
Hepatitis Scare
Aug 5, 2004
... the risk is EXTREMELY LOW..Hep B is easier to contract thru sex. ... (4 replies)

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