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... Hi Diver, Not to trivialize your concern, but in the first instance I would say your liver enzyme numbers are not much to worry about. Almost anything can raise these scores, and yours are not so high. The fact that you don't smoke or drink means you are already taking the steps anyone would recommend if by chance you did have some liver something or other. Second,... (4 replies)
... I am wondering if anyone can help me understand if my liver levels are anything to be concerned about. ... (4 replies)
... Not so fast. That fat build up in the liver is called fatty liver and it is nothing to take lightly. Hypothyroid or no hypothyroid, serious diet and exercise can get that fatty liver under control. It is not a matter of getting your thyroid regulated with pills once the fat is in the liver. The fatty liver has to be dealt with. This is also associated with the development of... (4 replies)

... Thanks all. I have finally found a Doc who knows enought about thyroid to trust (most of them do not). He said those liver levels are common with hypothyroidism, because it causes fat build-up in the liver. Well, we'll see once the Tx gets everything under control. (4 replies)
... This seemed kind of high to me even though it's in range, and when I read about it, it said that high levels of alkaline phosphataseGT can suggest Primary Biliary Cirrosis, which is real bad I guess. ... (26 replies)
... I would follow up-no question. The picture painted by these lab results appear consistent with what I know about fatty liver disease, but since I am not a doctor, it could be something else altogether. You might wish to research fatty liver disease and bring this up with your doctor. The key to reducing triglycerides (and even marginal liver enzyme readings) is diet... (4 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the reply!! I guess I shouldn't worry, I just don't need another liver problem!! I think the GGT levels can be high due to fat in the liver, but I'm not sure, different books say different things. ... (26 replies)
... ALT 34.. range 0 to 40. AST 54..range 0 to 37. GGT 84..range 11 to 51. Iron 146 range 45 to 160. Non reactive to hep A and B. Hep C reactive, naturally. enlarged fatty liver. no mass lesions. ... (7 replies)
... hi, I am new to your site, how ever I am a hep c patient, i think this is a great site to bad it wasn't here when I was taking treatment.I do understand the being afraid, it's a normal emotion! I will say this much my Dr. at Emory told me it was not in my mind that I had pain where my liver is, with hep c your liver swells. Your liver is like a jelley with hide arround it, so... (10 replies)
... ALT has dropped to like 27 and my GGT and AST are great. is that a great sign? ... (10 replies)
... alt ast, and ggt, while above ideal levels are hardly alarming. ... (7 replies)

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