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... nk anything of it. Until, we broke up which was last year. I found out he cheated on me. He never loved me. I got genital warts from him as well. He even gave me mono once which made my liver enzymes elevate. Well, anyways now I'm scared that he gave me hepatitis C from this woman of his past. ... (5 replies)
... Hi The hep vaccine you may have gotten as an infant (depending how old you are) would have been for hep B. It usually grants sufficient immunity. That leaves A and C among the common heps. A is transmissable by sex, and usually has an acute phase with symptoms that could resemble what you have. C is less transmissable, and it seems rare from woman to man, but its... (1 replies)
... They are now doing a specific test for hepatitis and mono and a few other things. ... (1 replies)

... Background: 22 year old male. Excellent physical shape. Drink occasionally/Socially. Never done drugs. Only had sex in serious committed relationships. In October I was sick for 11 days with muscle aches, Fatigue, lack of appetite, and a High Fever. (103 at times) Basically flu like symptoms without the sinus issues. Doctor at first thought I had a Bacterial infection.... (0 replies)
... For me, and for Cudagirl. I had hepatitis 30 years ago. Last summer, I was told it had been C, not B as they told me then. Anyway, I supposedly cleared it from my body. ... (7 replies)
... And I think that she should be tested for Mono too, but he didn't think so. ... (1 replies)
... You can not get Hep.C from Mono! Hep.C comes from infected blood. Using dirty needles,using some ones razor or toothbrush who has Hep.C. Blood tranfusions,etc. I got it from dirty needles, putting Tatoos on. There is no vaccine and no cure for Hep.C There is a vaccine for Hep.A & B. If you have Hep.C, DO NOT DRINK!!! Get to a Dr.There is a test for it. If you have it ,there... (7 replies)
... You are underage to be drinking alcohol. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver and can be caused by a number of factors, mon and alcohol are but two of them. Tylenol for a hangover is another one. ... (7 replies)
... Any and all help will be very much appreciated. I was diagnosed with mono a little under a month ago. I just took a test recently that said that I am over the acute phase of the desease. ... (7 replies)
Oct 24, 2006
... Acute Cholestatic Hepatitis means that the liver is inflammed,caused by a stoppage of bile flow. ... (1 replies)
Oct 22, 2006
... Does anyone know what Acute Cholestatic Hepatitis is? ... (1 replies)
... HOWEVER, once someone is diagnosed as Hepatitis C positive, the doctor can order a viral load which IS quantitative, but that means that there is for sure, virus in the blood. ... (8 replies)
... People often have Hep C and learn about it incidentally when having blood work for other reasons. However another phenomenon is also true. When we do something that we regret or have fear about the consequences afterwards, we can become physically ill out of emotional conflict. There are special blood panels that are run to detect Hep C. A routine CBC will only alert the... (1 replies)
... s and Im not sure what is causing it. I havent had any pain in my right side at all...on the contrary all of it has been on the left side. I thought maybe it was mono so I visited an urgent care doctor yesterday to see if they could figure out whats wrong. ... (1 replies)
Jul 24, 2006
... be contagious when only viral is.Hepatitis means inflamation of the liver.So many things can raise your alt, like medications,alcohol,some common virus' such as mono or strep. I am sure they check him for viral hepatitis before letting him donate. Actually that number isnt bad but worth keeping a check on. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone, About 4 weeks ago I tested positive for Hepatitis B - I had all the symptoms that go along with Hepatitis - extreme fatigue (I also tested positive for Mono), dark urine, lack of appetite, grey colored stools. I feel much better, pretty much normal (still tired, but can't tell if it's unusual or just from normal work and day to day stuff) - all the symptoms... (1 replies)
Dec 5, 2002
... In the treatment of hepatitis C, Zadaxin has been most effective when used in combination with interferon, which was the only currently approved treatment for the disease. ... (2 replies)
... mono, hepatitis virus, parovirus, and cytomegalovirus. Do you know if you were tested for those? ... (3 replies)
... ng was fine except that his liver enzymes are "abnormal" and that he needs to come back in to have another blood sample taken so that the lab can check soley for Hepatitis A, B, and C. ... (3 replies)
Hepititas/ child
Jul 11, 2003
... I'm new here, but do have an answer about yellow. It is not a lot of people who have hepatitis who do yellow. ... (7 replies)

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