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... time he was 17, and I guess he felt he did not need to check with me to find out if it was ok to do this. The results of the test came back and said that he had hepititis B and hepititis B core. Our family doctor had him tested as well, and also consulted someone from the Center of Disease Control with the results. ... (1 replies)
... how do i date with hepititis c (6 replies)
... Spouse has had it for 10+ years before deciding to get treatment. No liver problems noted when beginning treatment. Meds are rough but working. (8 replies)

... How long can you live with hepititis C. I'm realy scared, I just found out I have it and dont know how long I've had it. I would realy appreciate any information. Can I live a normal life? ... (8 replies)
... The most serious disease in your post is ALCOHOLISM. Your friend needs to seek help and work toward treatment for her husband for his alcoholism before any other consideration. Liver disease (and hepB) are not death sentences in, and of, themselves. Combined with alcoholism, they are likely to result in serious disease and eventually, death. How long that would take is... (3 replies)
... ok i know this will sound dumb but a dear friend of mine has a hubby who recently contracted hepititis B AND already has liver disease because he is an alcoholic...ive looked up hep. ... (3 replies)
... In October of last year, developed a cyst on my thyroid. It was drained and then part of it harded so now I just have a goiter. Then just before christmas of last year, I was put in the hospital for severe jaundice and dehydration. My urine was a dark orange colour, and my skin matched that "old appliance" yellow. I was getting some pain in my side but the doctors didn't... (2 replies)
Hepititis C
Sep 20, 2001
... I was wondering if hairloss can be caused by hepititis C in itself, I am not undergowing any treatment as of yet and wondering cause I'm losing my hair at a horrible rate! ... (1 replies)
... I used to be really bad into drugs and I started sharing needles with my friend. I only shared a couple of times and now I have hepititis c. ... (4 replies)
... I used to be really bad into drugs and I started sharing needles with my friend. I only shared a couple of times and now I have hepititis c. ... (4 replies)
... hey j, I'm guessing there has been some miscommunication or some missing information here. If indeed he tests positive only for antibodies and NOT antigens for hep B, this would usually mean he had once had hbv, or was vaccinated, but NOT now carrying live virus. However, there must be something else the docs were trying to say, or something that got lost in the... (3 replies)
... hoholic but he hasnt picked up a drink in 2 days he swears he will stop and so far he has on his own but we dont understand the test results on the paper it says hepititis Bs, hepititis Be what does that mean...they r both neg but there still saying he has both even though he only has the antibodies and no antegens. ... (3 replies)
... Hey everyone I am in medical school and doing a report on Hepititis. I am asking for anyone who can give me any information on hepititis. I need to know anything and everything. thank you for your help. Crys (1 replies)
... Hi, my husband died of Hep C in 2001. I thought it was transmitted through blood and seaman and have not dated for fear of infecting someone else. I am being treated for rheumatoid arthritis through Medicare . The Dr told me I showed a positive R factor in my blood for hep c, but other than a liver scan(which was fine), there has been no treatment for the Hep C. They are... (6 replies)
... They orriginally refered to it as Non-A Non-B Hepatitis. I have had it since I was less than one year old, three major bloor transfusions when I was a baby. Going on 56 years with this disease, found out in 1992 when i donated blood and they screened it. I have a low viral load, and am generally healthy. I still miss that cold beer every once in a while, though. (8 replies)
... Years ago Hep C was referred too as an un-identified virus. They really did not have a name for it. Then in late 80's I believe it was they found a test to identify the virus...well not exactly indentify, but assuming the virus from a collection of tests that all add up to one virus.. I was actually diagnosed in the mid 70's. Had it now that I know of nearly 35 years. (8 replies)
... I found out that i have hep c,5 years ago,i tryed the interfon. But it didn,t work.i,am still seeing my specialist,and he say,s if i don,t drink,and stick to my diet,that i will live a normal live,still i live in fear every day. I have geno type 1. (8 replies)
... is not that serious...yes it is serious but come on. I think you need to try really hard to lift yourself off the pity pot. Sure tx sucks...yes hep c is a pain to deal with, you can't get it from sex dude...very very very slight chance. Don't tell anyone..It is none of their business. (6 replies)
... You are not damaged goods. hepatitis is very common. Take care! (6 replies)
... You are not damaged goods! I am so sorry about your marriage and that your spouse didn't want to learn more about this virus. Now as for having unprotected sex, I would not advise that but not because of hep c but because all the stds that are out there. (6 replies)

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