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... Hello everyone i am new to this website. I have some questions and i appreciated if anyone can help me. About 5 years ago i was on this treatment for my hepititus c fo about 3 months. I went to see a doctor and he said i can try the treatment again but instead of injecting myself once a week along with pills. ... (0 replies)
... ne wants me. I've been with my bf for about 4 years and a few months. I have no idea how I even got this. I'm really scared. The doctors told me I have Acute Hepititus B. I have so many questions and no one will answer anything. The doctors told me that I should eat healthy. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone. I have a question i was treated with the meds 5 yrs ago. My blood shows my enzymes were a little elevated. But my liver is fine. The question is should i do the treatment again but only this time i will be on it for nine months and be giving myself the shots everyday for the ninemonths. I just cant make a decisoion. Part of me feels that i should just try it... (11 replies)

... It's not just one herb, it's combination of herbs and at different amount. Constantly changing. YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE HERB URSELF. You must see a Chinese Doctor for that. I live in Los Angeles, if you live nearby I can help you. Or else go to China Town Library. Older Librarian who read chinese can help you. REMEMBER, it's just my experience for treating during... (3 replies)
... So your hepititus was gone in a month because of taking chinese herb? ... (3 replies)
... if the doc said u have accute hep B and that it'll go away then it should. about 90 percent of adults who contracts hep B will clear it from their system. You should go get tested in a few months. More like in 6 months if you want to make sure. You can touch the baby ...just make sure you have no saliva or ne of your body fluids get in the babys system. Best of luck ;) (1 replies)
... Hi.. If some one infected with Hepititus got blood on a needle and then 3-8 hours later the needle went into my blood stream would I have tracted the virus??? (25 replies)
... My mom just told me she has hepititus c. ... (7 replies)
... The paxil is it for nauseous? Thank you so much for replying to me! Ever since last week when I found out I was no longer in remission, I have been depressed. I plan on starting the new treatment in May. Trying to build myself up mentally for this new challange. It is hard. Once again, thank you for taking the time to aid a stranger.It is truly appreciated. (5 replies)
... My hub did that therapy one shot a week and the daily rebetron. They didn't start giving him paxil until he was in to it three months. Now they start people on something ususally three months prior. You really got to take something for this. I didn't want him to take the therapy, seems like each therapy has brought his viral load up, not down. His other levels went up on... (5 replies)
... I have considered the alternate treatment. However, I have weighed the options and was 10 months in remission this last time. Of course it may have taken it that long for the drugs to get out of my system. I am still willing to try the new drug. My family and friends have given me alot of support and care. I think with the positive attitude everyone has a better chance... (5 replies)
... I have considered the alternate treatment but at this time I still want to consider the medical treatment even with the side effects. I am willing to still take that chance. It kept me in remission for 10 months but than again that could be the time it took for all those drugs to get out of my system. Don't think I didn't consider that option. My family and friends give me... (5 replies)
... I have never taken the combo treatment ,I am a 1B.This is why I refused treatment statistics show that 1A & 1B are very resistant to this treatment.I am not trying to scare you but if it didnt work the first time,Would you consider checking into an alternative route instead ?I am NOT selling anything! I am just trying to share things I have learned after extensive research.But... (5 replies)
... I started treating with interferon and riborvirn in April 2000. In april 2001, I was taken off. Now it appears I am no longer in remission. So I have a decision to make. There is a new interferon out - pegasus which you take the pills and only one shot a week and the other I forgot the name the doc told me was the usual 3 shots a week and the pills. Stronger dosage. I plan on... (5 replies)
... I wouldnt recomend taking ANY diet supplements.As Hepititus carriers we have to be very careful with our diets anyway .That alone will help you lose weight, I have . ... (2 replies)

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