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... Those are high enzymes, but they are not life threatening. Enymes can go way up into the 100's, even to the low 1000's and still come down within range. ... (6 replies)
... some small amount of fat however. The test results are out of a series of blood tests and are from different labs. So I dont feel an error was made. In 2004 the Enzymes were within normal limits go figure. He has not talked about excessive iron. ... (6 replies)
... ant surgeon I have spoken with has said that severe complications from hepatitis C almost always accompany heavy alcohol consumption, smoking, and other types of high risk behavors. Not EVERY one, but the consistency has struck me from time to time. ... (6 replies)

... I have not read anywhere that the Interferon success rates are as high as you state. ... (6 replies)
... Actually, the success rates are quite high, and vary by your genotype. Even the type 1s now have more than a 50% chance of becoming sustained responders...that is, clearing the virus permanently. The other types now have upwards of 70-80% chance of clearing. Those are GREAT odds! The ONLY way you will beat the virus short of a spontaneous remission (rare, but does... (6 replies)
... Hi, I have been reading a lot of the posts about Hep C and Im in the diagnois process. My stats are: GOT - 289 GPT - 693 under different lab Test ALT - 487 AST - 227 Given the normal range these are extremly high. The last tests were in 2004 and were normal. (6 replies)
... ted liver enzymes. My alt was 72 and my ast 42. When they told me the results I was scared to death so I went back in a few weeks to get tested again on my liver enzymes and I got back the results today and there even higher. My alt is now 176 and my ast is 68. ... (2 replies)
... First, since the enzymes are going down, it is possible they would normalize if you decided to take control of what you can and see what that nets you in terms of the enzyme levels. ... (44 replies)
... So now I suddenly have high enzymes. ... (44 replies)
Opinion needed
Jun 12, 2002
... I also agree that enzymes alone aren't a real good indication of where a person is with their infection. My enzymes are up and down. Depends on what day it is or what time. ... (3 replies)
... e but not a lot. the first time I had health insurance I took advantage of it and went and got a routine physical and the same thing happened to me with my liver enzymes coming back elevated. The doctor asked me if I was a drinker and I told him no but I did use drugs 15 years prior. ... (2 replies)
... nd it seems like as long as I kept going I was fine.I was finally diagnosed with HCV 2 yrs. ago. because after being disabled I had time to investigate why I had high enzymes all these years. I have almost all my bldwrk. all the way back to 68, when I contracted Hep. ... (14 replies)
Meds causing hep.
Oct 23, 2002
... so later on I just contributed the high enzymes to that. All along it was really the Hep C. ... (16 replies)
... I don't use drugs never have. I went to the gi he did a ultra sounds with a bunch of lab work and all came back normal and my alt and ast dropped. They didn't check me for hep a b or c because he didn't see any signs of it to check he says I'm healthy as a whistle and that I would show some kind of sign by 3 months if I had it. Plus my girlfriedm got tested at 3 months and... (2 replies)
... Hi Weds, The antibody tests for hep A, B and C are cheap and easy. Any doc or clinic can draw the blood and any lab can run these very routine tests. If all are negative, there you are. If any are positive for antibodies, you have been exposed and may carry the live virus. This point would be settled by a second round of somewhat more expensive and complicated, but... (2 replies)
... to check my overall health and everything came back normal except my bilirubin. The doctor sent me to repeat my blood tests and my bilirubin was still abnormally high and my white blood cell and red blood cell counts were slightly low. ... (2 replies)
... And, try to relax. High enzymes can be made worse by stress. ... (2 replies)
Tomarrow Biopsy
Jul 22, 2002
... If your enzymes stay in the normal range most of the time and your viral load is low, your bx will more than likely show minimal if any damage. ... (10 replies)
... herbal treatment. I was tested on June 4th and enzymes were a little high and active HCV. My sister is an herbalist. She has alot of education under her belt and really knows her lil' sister, too. ... (4 replies)
... yrs, 7 months clean. Thank God !! had a biopsy back in 2002 which showed no signs of liver damage. yesterday's test results showed that still my regular liver enzymes are about normal but my viral load is 11 million....I am not really sure what all of this means. ... (4 replies)

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