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... hi alysha267 and a warm welcome to the board. i've had this 20+years, i have never done treatment, thus far.but was asked to when first diagnosed in /99."i declined", felt like i never knew enough about the virus to try anything, without at least reaserching the virus first.i do keep a close eye on my alt/ast liver enzymes though. plus i take a vit-e(gel cap),1x daily, a... (9 replies)
... hi DLMD i take 2 liv-tone capsules,daily (recommends 3 on the bottle)i also take (jamison brand)vit,E(gel cap)1 in the am,1- multi vit(no iron)as well as other meds(in the sedative family) and have been for( many years before i found out that i had hep).but the liv-tone caps i have been taking for 2 years here is the info from the liv-tone bottle it'self! 3 capsules... (1 replies)
... hi there, and welcome there are alot of "what if's",i understand as those were my thoughts about treatment.i started to eat the proper foods,(still searching for info on that). but i maintain my weight threw eating "nutrition"foods.i tried the milk thistle, threw the "manatech product"it wasn't what i expected it to... (17 replies)

... hi DLMD i am not taking the maximum milk thistle, but i do take a liv-tone in which contains2,880mg's(80%silymarin),artichoke leaves, dandelion.bought from the health food store. i did a study test on myself for the past several months taking the liv-tone(milk thistle)has been of great help for me. before i started taking it my ast was 98 and alt was 125, and several months... (5 replies)
... hi there,heythere :) regarding milk thistle!i take a liv-tone cap 2x's daily and have been for a year.i have my results faxed over to me from the lab,as i keep them on my oppinion i find it to be of great's not a cure by no means but i feel that it is sorta like (protects the liver from toxins),before i started taking the liv-tone (bought at the health... (2 replies)
Herb Hep
Jul 16, 2003
... this is all very interesting, i think i should speak with a herbalist also!right now i take 1vit-e(400 iu's)...1 multi-vit(no iron)...2 liv-tone enxyme levels have really come down since taking the visit with the liv-doc went ok, he doesn't feel i need treatment, so i am going to keep on learning what i can regarding (herbs).thank's for the info!take care... (8 replies)
Viral Load
May 16, 2003
... hi cudagirl it has been awhile.interesting post,and many replies.i'm interested in alternative myself!i do take 1vit-e daily,1-multi-vit daily,and 1 liv-tone (capsul)2x daily.i did an experiment on myself for several months and i do believe that the liv-tone has helped tremendously. keep the faith, bless you...........mj (25 replies)
Updated numbers
Apr 24, 2003
... thank's so much jema,i really appreciate it.regarding "numbers",my point exactly since doing this liv-tone study on myself, the numbers do speak for themselves.i fully believe that the liv-tone caps are helping.take care keep the faith, bless you...........mj (11 replies)
Apr 22, 2003
... hi there i'm looking for some info regarding (alternatives).here is a little history of mine,i have been doing a study of my own now for several taking the liv-tone with milk thistle etc in a capsual 2x daily.i just recieved my fax afew days ago regarding the results of the ast/alt, and they are at the lowest that i've had ,ast/was50 and alt was at 47.i know that... (1 replies)
Apr 22, 2003
... Hi Mj, you haven't been on the board much lately. How have you been? Are you feeling well? Are you all unpacked from the move? Taking the liv-tone can't be hurting you and like I told you before I took supplements (herbs & vitamins) for 2 years and my levels remained the same. Same ALT/AST, viral load. What ingredients are in the liv-tone? Be sure they are all natural... (8 replies)
Apr 18, 2003
... mj, I think Kackles would probably in a better position to comment than I. She has a lot of experience treating naturally and has been monitoring her situation for a long time. She also reports a big drop in her viral load count from natural treatments (liv-tone, etc). But I must say your AST and ALT tests are really encouraging, since normal range from AST is 0-40 and... (8 replies)
Updated numbers
Apr 17, 2003
... hi jemah i get blood done every month and results are faxed over to me . i keep an eye on them. ast/50 and alt/47. i started to take liv-tone (with milk thistle), it's sorta like a protector for the toxins regarding the liver.i feel great regarding the hep.i feel that by taking the liv-tone caps have been of help.your oppinion would be greatly appreciated. take care! keep... (11 replies)
Apr 17, 2003
... i did a 7 month test on myself regarding my enzymes.i started to take liv-tone with milk thistle etc.i monitor my enzymes as my blood work results,every month are faxed over to me.i really think that by taking the liv-tone has helped results came in yesterday. ast/50 alt/47.have this 20+years and haven't done treatment.your oppinion would be greatly appreciated.take... (8 replies)
... hi dirtdeva way to go for your hubby, turning down the beer!about the liv-tone, i am not one who does the "herbal" thing either.the liv-tone is the only thing that i take regarding "herbs". when i first started reading about herbal remidies, i thought they seem to have a cure for almost everything of course that i thought was a little too extreme.but there are people out... (17 replies)
... i went to see my liv doc there one time, unfortunetly "he"was not there, so i seen another one,this guy was rude and ignorant. ... (14 replies)
Sep 21, 2002
... exuate of course however they have been staying down more so now than last year, so i must be doing something you know if grapefruit is any good for the liv or not. any hints regarding foods would be greatly appriciated if you don't mind.thanks. ... (2 replies)
... hi mb i have been taking 2 liv-tone caps daily, with milkthistle and other herbs in it now for several months,i find that it helps protect the liver,along with maintaining a healthy diet.hope this is of some help! keep the faith, bless you........mj (9 replies)
Enzyme results
Jun 20, 2003
... hi everyone i recieved my enzymes results (via fax).ast is at 42 this month(down 21 from last months)and alt is at 41(down 11 since last month).with being as sick and all i was expecting them to sky ricket, but they are still going down each month.i faithfully take the liv-tone daily.anyhow i just thought that i would update you all. keep the faith, bless you.....mj (5 replies)
... hi wake25 we were at the drug store on fri. getting my (liv-tone), i take that, it helps the toxins somewhat and my enzyme levels have moved down consideretly.i spotted aloe vera juice, i never had my glasses on and couldn't read the lable.what have you found on the aloe vera juice, i am interested in this!i also was transfused on 3 occasions, all including the "tainted blood... (24 replies)
Apr 22, 2003
... hi Casperclaudee thank you for your reply.regarding the enzymes, it wasn't a big drop.the alt (in my oppinion)is the one that can give us a better idea of where things stand regarding stages or state that the liver is in.the highest alt has been with me was 125,and ast was it seemed to have not dropped all at once (in which was great news for me)but yes they have... (8 replies)

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