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... just started Pegatron June 30th. 1st shot felt like a cement truck dumped on me about 12 hours after. ... (8 replies)
... (5 replies)
... itching, hair loss ect., that is associated with the pegatron treatments. Is this the experience of others before treatment. I do not know any one who has Hep C and feel very isolated. ... (0 replies)

... Hi, I have been on the pegatron treatment for 3 months now and just assumed that I couldn't drink alcohol. Rather I felt so badly that I didn't even want a glass!! ... (2 replies)
Aug 15, 2009
... My uncle has been taking this for a while. I believe it was his second course after identifying Hep C after a blood test after the first course. He past away on Friday night and I can only point to the drugs he was on as a cause (Pegatron). The coroners report should come out early this week. He was 46 strong and it was far too early. He had the flu about a week before but... (20 replies)
Jul 23, 2009
... Hi Glo and everyone So happy to hear trt is going well for you Glo. 3 weeks to my half way mark. This treatment has knocked me on my behind starting with the rash that continues to flare and leaves huge brown spots where it heals. Bio Aid seems to help reduce the color of the healed sores. My biggest problem has been fatigue and a falling Hemoglobin. My last lab tests... (20 replies)
... Has anyone travelled while on pegatron trt? ... (0 replies)
Jun 13, 2008
... I'm a 57 year old male that started treatment (pegatron ) 4 months ago.i can't take it much longer. I take 6 pills a day and the shot on the weekend. My stomach is in a mess most of the time which causes vomiting, headaches etc. They say if i cut back the treatment won't work. They want me to stay on it for 60 weeks altogether. I've tried different teas and different foods .... (3 replies)
... My husband started Pegatron treatment for his Hep C on tuesday and so far it is not as bad as I thought that it would be. ... (5 replies)
... I cant answer any of your questions sorry but I wanted to tell you that I can relate. I have had hep c for about 5 years and I am stage 2 and was told I should do the therapy for a year. I am scared to death. I keep putting it off hoping if I ignore it I can live a full life and be okay. I sound stupid dont I ? I am a mother of 4 children. Who the heck is gonna take care of... (5 replies)
... isorder so he has been on permanent disability for several years as he can not work a full time job due to the fatigue and the anxiety. My husband will be taking Pegatron treatment for 6 months. He has Hep C genotype 3a. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I get my medicine from Roche free (Pegatron/copegus). You have to fill out forms and your doctor has to verify your diagnosis for Hep C. Every 4 months your doctor has to request another 4 months of medicine. Otherwise you receive your medicine via FedEX each month. They call to set up a delivery date and time. deleted I got the information from another... (4 replies)
... Help, anyone out there in or has been in my situation with Hep C, Genotype 1, 3rd Stage Liver Disease? I am told I should start treatments with a once a week shot Pegatron and 2 pills a day of Riv(?). Concerned about side affects more so then anything. Especially the depression and possible low white blood cell count (prone to infection). I am a senior and pretty healthy... (3 replies)
... I certainly don't need to be in a depressed state. The cost of the pegatron and riv or whatever is high enough. ... (21 replies)
... Hi smaller, Your hubby has hep b if they are recommending entecavir. and they will probably be recomending it in combination with lamuvidine--at least that's the combination that shows the highest percentage response in most studies. Yes, sometimes the response is 'permanent,' whatever that means. Interferon is also sometimes used for hep b, but the results are even... (13 replies)
... My dh was going to start on entecavir, haven't even received it from our HBO pharmacy yet, but reading all the nasty side effects, he is thinking now of doing the interferon instead. If he is going to be sick, may as well kill the darn virus instead of just lowering it. We live in a rural mountain part of Northern Calif., no support groups of any kind, have to drive over 2... (13 replies)
... I have it and found out last Fall while I was away in Thailand. I have type 2. I've been healthy also and never would have known except it got to the point where I have cirrhosis and I swelled up like I was pregnant. I hadn't even had a cold in years. I am very interested to hear how everyone does with thier treatment. I just got back to the states and I have a doctor's... (13 replies)
... hi :wave: i learned i had Hep C 3a when i donated blood -- went to the dr and the count was really low -- 2500 -- did a biopsy and that was ok -- went back in 2 years and my count was more than 4,000,000 -- started on Rebetol and Peg-Intron --started the meds on 3/06 -- thought i was going to DIE after that first shot!!! my husband has been an angel thru all this -- i now... (13 replies)
... the very best to you frosty. we'll all be pulling for you. small consolation, maybe the weight loss will turn out to be good for you! peace, sean (13 replies)
... I am genotype 1a and started my treatment on June 8th as well. Have been desperately ill until this past week and am finally keeping some food in my system. I tried to quit about two weeks ago, but was able to hang in and stay positive. I lost ten pounds the first two weeks. I don't know what is happening next, but am always maintaining a positive focus and that helps. (13 replies)

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