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... Why is it that when you have a slow reponse to pegetron or pagasys of my doctors automaticly took me off the drug and labeled me as a non reponder even though they are finding that some patients require 72 weeks to clear the virus. Also when he put me on unipeg as a maintenance dose . On advise from findings at a simposium he took me off it eventhough I was getting a good... (1 replies)
... I just started the Pegetron program at the end of February. This is my first time on this site, have been reading some mail. ... (1 replies)
... Hi! I am new here but was searching for info on Pegetron therapy and found this site. I was hoping I could get some info on these treatments? ... (9 replies)

... Faith- Hi girl, glad to see, it was not un tolerable,that first one is always the hardest for most, Statistics are showing the Pegetron, has a few more sides than the Pegasys , also the Pegetron, seems to have sides quite quickly, where as the pegasys does not effect some of us for weeks,and the worst on Pegasys being day two/three. The protocol on my... (6 replies)
... Hep C genotype 2. He sent me for an ultrasound and it apparently showed an enlarged spleen and some scarring on the liver. I started treatment mid January with Pegetron injection once a week and Ribavirin capsules 5 times a day. ... (2 replies)
... Your doctor should give you such results. What genotype you are? This will determine the amount of time on treatment if needed at this time. Genotype 1, is the worst one to get, the hardest to treat, also the longer one to do treatment, 48 weeks to be exact, some do more if slow responders. Then there are the other genotypes, like 2,3,4, these are 24 weeks of... (11 replies)
... Hi Sorry I have no idea but hopefully someone will stop by and be able to answer you-Did you think of getting a 2nd opinion? What is your genotype? (1 replies)
... Hi Debra, my experience is, that the sides are getting better with the time. My recommendation is: - drink a lot (water, tea, juice etc. No alcohol(!), no coffe or Cola) - rest a lot - against itching try the most simple thing first - do not use soap, and/or try to minimize the washing (minimize the contact of water with your skin). Against nausea: try to observe, if... (1 replies)
Week 4
Oct 17, 2003
... just starting week 4 pegetron having trouble sleeping at nites any sugestions (1 replies)
... Hi I've had hep c for approx 9 years. i have been waiting for the Pegetron to available in Canada which did in Dec 2003. ... (4 replies)
... I would like to know who else is in Canada and is on Pegetron and how there doing and if they have had any problems with there employee medicare plan paying for the meds. ... (4 replies)
... You're off to a good start being a type 3. Remember the first & second weeks are the worst. I didn't believe people when they told me that. I've done all my shots by myself, you're lucky to get it done for you. I'm a type 1a & have 39 more weeks to go. I'm on Pegetron (not much difference from your tx). good luck & keep a positive attitude (rest lots even when you are not... (3 replies)
... on Pegetron TX. ... (2 replies)
... Read through all the info in this Bulletin Board by those taking Pegetron. There is some really good stuff here. Relax and don't worry, you have support from someone who loves you, which helps a lot. You might find the first week or few weeks a bit tough but if you get your sleep, eat smart, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, tobacco drugs and toxic substances, you will... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone well another shot down and all is going not bad. Hubby's sides are moving around alot, brain fog off and on . His hips were very achy this time around and his rib area. Tonight I cut his sleeping pill in half, hopefully he has a good night sleep. The full strength is wiping him out at night, he staggers if he doesn't get into bed before it kicks in. I did give the... (6 replies)
3 Days to go
Jun 2, 2003
... and am going through the Pegetron program. Man, this stuff is expensive! Thank God for insurance. My three buddies had to go on social assistance to get the drug. ... (8 replies)
... Hi there, well shot 2 went well. Hubby took one tylenol this time at bedtime and slept good , no sides for the evening. He has been feeling pooped out around 3 pm for last two days so he just takes it easy and bed early. He said he has noticed a bit short winded the day after shot but nothing to heavy. I am feeling like the black cloud has passed and he seems to bit doing... (4 replies)
... Hi guys , well what an amazing change this shot. Hubby took his shot at 6:20pm on friday night and at 9:30pm took two tylenol 1000mg to ward of any sides like last friday, then straight to bed to sleep. He had no fever or chills the only thing was he woke up at 2:30am and couldn't sleep. No muscle aches today at all. A bit tired due to lack of sleep. When I got home from work... (13 replies)
... I suspect your freinds endured the older straight interferon treatments that were much harsher and not as effective as say the newer improved Pegasys or Pegetron treatments. ... (11 replies)
... HI there, I have been reading your posts for awhile now. Muy husband is starting treatment on the 25th of this month. We are both very nervous, and trying to stay focused and positive. I am extremely scared for him and the side affects sound horrible but I do understand that each person is differnet on how they are affected. I will be coming in here to read and learn from you... (3 replies)

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