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... Or was he on inteferon and Ribovirin prior to that? ... (6 replies)
... Greetings, My name is Kenny, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C 6 years ago. At the time my Dr. told me that my viral count was very low and that we should keep an eye on them in the future. She also asked me to see a specialist, Which I did. I did no treatment at this time. Fast forward to this year, I had my blood tested again and the viral counts have doubled. So, back... (0 replies)
... Jimi, you are not alone. I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago with low viral levels. not too worried, but, this year I was tested again and viral levels have doubled. Ultrasound showed fatty infiltration, yeah, then the brain started turning. There have been allot of people who have lived long lives with HepC with very few or no problems at all. Lifestyle makes the biggest impact. If you... (7 replies)

... Yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will be seeing it pretty soon, downhill now, i have taken tx 2 times first not so good but #2 worked (33 replies)
... I believe the water is more important then the Tylenol, I had a killer headache the other week and pain meds did nothing. I drank a 64 oz (non caffeine) sport drink and headache vanished. I try to drink a glass of water every time I urinate, a good way to stay hydrated. But I had reduced my water intake, and paid the price.:cool: (33 replies)
... oh, forgot to say 2 Tylenol and a big glass of water at least one to two hours before shot, I was able bypass all the agonies others went through. (33 replies)
... Wow, good for you. If your viral count dropped to "0", that is definitely a good sign. Think Positive (33 replies)
... Hi, I was also diagnosed with Hep C back in 98, and two transplants later I'm doing quite well. My liver was shot, and the first liver I recieved was a 70 year old liver. I had so many problems with that liver that finally 2-1/2 years later in 2001 I recieved my 2nd liver. I did the interferon back in 98 & 99, but didn't complete the 6 months as I got transplanted. But, I... (33 replies)
... wow I haven't had the sore mouth/throat thing. Had a bad day Saturday where I lost 1/3 of my hair in one hairwashing session, have been on Biotin over a month prior to that so I'm not sure it helped, just started month 5. The dryness of skin is very uncomfortable, have tried every lotion even olive oil/baby oil. Have to stay out of the sun, that is the most anoying part as I... (33 replies)
... So far, I have been luckier than some and worst than others. A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of really bad days but they were the most debilitating to date. I have missed a total of three days of work and I feel really good about that. List of Sides: Morning dizziness and nausea Rash, back, chest and torso Sore mouth, comes and goes Sore throat, comes and goes... (33 replies)
... Hi back: I started this stuff in May, am now on shot #20. Now my hair is coming out, not in big clumps but definitely falling out. Yuck. That's why I cut most of my hair off before treatment (2 feet of hair is harder to loose than 3/4 inch hair). I started Biotin (vitamin B7) on advice about a month ago to see if the hair loss would ease up, it only got worse. But it will grow... (33 replies)
... hello to everyone on here. I was just reading your posts and was wondering if anyone has updates as far as more reactions, viral load counts, and overall results. wishing you all the best. Thanks in advance (33 replies)
... I am now four shots into the treatment. Shot #1 was terrible. Shot #2 didn't bother me at all. I hit blood with shot #4, my nurse practitioner told me that is that happened I should just inject anyway. Boy did that one hit me, much faster and hgarder than the #1. Will be VERY CAREFUL to make sure it's sub-Q from now on. The rash is pesky, but my "rash mantra" is "It's not as... (33 replies)
... Hello everyone! Im hoping someone will be able to set me straight on a few questions about HepC treatment. My 18 year old son was diagnosed with HepC last summer after he donated blood at his high school blood drive. To say the least it was a shock when we recived the letter from the blood bank. We have no clue as to where he contracted the virus possibly from his birth... (1 replies)
... Hi Churchkp, Oh my, my first shot was terrible! But you know, I'll be on my 8th this Friday, and I really have not had any side effects since (from the shot)my first one. I have more complications with the pills. :dizzy: I always take my shot earlier in the day so IF and WHEN the side effects hit, I'll be snug in my bed by then! :D Good luck and welcome! :wave: (33 replies)
... I just started my treatment May 29th. I woke up the next morning thinking "this isn't bad" and started doing stuff. Then it hit. I know now why the recomendation is to give the shot Friday night, so you aren't at work when the symptoms hit you. I didn't even think about giving the shot earlier in the day, what a grand idea. Have adjusted my life to early mornign walks as it... (33 replies)
... hi I took a weekly shot of Neupogen for an extremely low wbc. It causes bone pain but I was able to continue my TX. I had awful rash. Mostly on my arms and some on my stomach-bad for me cuz I'm a scratcher and was left with some scars. Oh well-I'm going for 2 year checkup next month:angel: hang in there (33 replies)
... Hi EastBayMom, I just did my 20th shot and I got 'the rash' a couple weeks ago. Very very itchy. Yes, it looks just as you described. It has a mosquito bite look to it. I went to the doc and she said to use hydrocortisone (over the counter) twice daily. It disappeared in 2 days. Now I use an oatmeal based itching cream, over the counter. I don't think we can mention the... (33 replies)
... :wave:Hi everyone, :wave: I apologize for not visiting lately. I'm on my seventh week of treatment! :) So far, my injections don't bother me, and the only complaint I've really had is diarrhea, and feeling very tired. If I do my errands before I take my Ribavirin, I am okay, because I'm home and close to the toilet (lol) And If I can take a nap during the day...I'm usually... (33 replies)
... Hi Eastbaymom, I started my treatment March 20. My worst symptom has been the fatigue. Today my doctor prescribed Onansetron to help with the fatigue. I used to go to the gym everyday but am unable to do so now. I get to short of breath, dizzy and nauseated. Last week was my worse, week, week 5. My blood work showed only slightly lowered white cell count. And I was... (33 replies)

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