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... Thanks for you reply also. Does any of your sores look like cigarette burns by any chance? ... (21 replies)
Mouth sores
Mar 25, 2004
... Hmmmmmmm, never heard of bismuth in connection with canker sores, herpes, or mouth sores in general. Can you direct me to something to read about this? ... (10 replies)
Mouth sores
Mar 16, 2004
... type sores in their mouth from the treatment? ... (10 replies)

Mouth sores
Aug 27, 2003
... I am not on any treatment, but do take MT and Lipoic Acid. Infected for 20 years and never had mouth sores before. ... (2 replies)
... My sores went away when I started using A & D ointment. I'm off of the medicine for about a month now. The virus is "undetectable". I go back for blood work in about a week. I know what you mean about the hair growing back! :( (21 replies)
... I went to the doctor Tuesday. My sores cleared up,so that's a relief! My blood work is still coming up as"inactive". Now I will visit him every 6 weeks. I have been the medication for 23 weeks so far. ... (21 replies)
... Mine is also undetectable. Isn't it a good feeling?:) (21 replies)
... I have been on treatment for 25 weeks now, have had a itchy rash (mostly on my back)and what are a couple of raised sores in spots for the past 10+ weeks.. definetly from the medicine ,a dermatologist gave me Triamcinolone ointment it helps alot , I use it when I need it.. I suggest seeing a dermatologist for helping managing skin issues from treatment ..they can help.. as... (21 replies)
... :confused: I have had them for around a month now. They look like small burns on my skin! Sometimes they itch,but not too often. My doctor told me to get Lotrimin AT to see if that helps. Some has spread over the course of the week. I don't go back to the doctor until May 12th. Has anyone else experienced these types of sores(rashes)? Any help will be appreciated. (21 replies)
Mouth sores
Mar 29, 2004
... Thanks, Wes. The acid thing makes alot of sense. If they(sores) come back again, I'll give the pepto a try! (10 replies)
... the naked eyes..but thas for sure that i had no bleeding gums or teeth or any sores.. so i want to knwo that FOR TRANSMISSION TO OCCUR both parties need to have sores or lesions or bleeding gums in mouth.. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there, I read on another board about yogurt helping with sores in the mouth, so I started eating the yogurt, the one with active cultures, every day and so far no sores in the mouth. ... (11 replies)
Hep c questions
Jan 30, 2011
... I want to take a positive attitude thru the 6 months of treatment but I feel the better prepared I am the easier treatment will be. I am terrified of skin sores and losing my hair. whats up with this? ... (2 replies)
... Unless you had open sores in the genital region and he had bloody open sores on his penis, hepatis c will not be transmitted sexually. ... (21 replies)
... sores, and they itch. I do tend to pick at them and so they don't heal well. I am on coumadin for the heart so they tend to bleed when I pick at them. Anyway the sores are all over my arms, legs etc... to the point that I am embarrased to wear nice summer clothes. I look like I have a terrible contagious disease on my skin. ... (1 replies)
Mouth sores
Sep 1, 2003
... Those mouth sores are painful, the only thing that worked for is my DR gave me a dental paste you just put a little on and it shrinks the sores it's very helpful because I just put it on when I'm starting to get one and it goes away it's called TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE, DENTAL PASTE USP, 0. ... (2 replies)
... Those sores are painful. When my Mom was on chemo she had those everywhere but her mouth was the worst. Unfortunately when treatment attacks... ... (11 replies)
... Are the sores white? ... (5 replies)
... intron for 5 months and i was wondering if anybody else has had little sores on there tongue? ... (5 replies)
... My partner & i have been sexual for over 10 years, and we have herpes type 1 and type 2. Just recently, he had a blood test which detected hepatitis c antibodies, and hepatitis b antigen. We had been having intercourse with condoms, as well as without condoms - when i was menstruating. We also had oral sex, and we have passed cold sores (and herpes sores) to each... (3 replies)

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