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Apr 25, 2003
... I don't use zinc only because when I was pregnant with my first child I was going to be REALLLY good and take all my supplements: Zinc caused a rash and itchy skin for me but that's just me! Here's some quotes from a site I use: Zinc: What is it? Zinc is an essential mineral that is found in almost every cell. It stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes,... (2 replies)
... I,m in week 9 of pegintron and rebetol, I have had blood in my urine @ 3 weeks was on 2 seperate antibiotics for 2 weeks and that cleared up. Now in week 9 I have an infection in my mouth, along with re-occuring canker sores. so now I'm again on antibiotics this is the third time. I have the basic sides fever, anmeia, and weight loss, but these infections are a bit#$. I have... (11 replies)
... ou a bridge so you don't have occlusal problems. Don't need bite problems at this point. Hubbys dentist did say that ACT rinse might help a little and if he gets sores try some listerine wash a few times per day. ... (4 replies)

... I began going to Dr's this past July because of these gross sores on the backs of my hands. They began as blisters, just like someone put out a cigar or cigarette. ... (9 replies)
... Since taking the peg/reb combination over 4 months ago I've started developing a sometimes severe rash around the mouth and chin area. A strong urge to scratch the jaw area has remained and is sometimes quite severe. I started working out again and a few days later the sores/rash/swelling was the worst it's ever been. In a panic I tried rubbing LOTS of aloe on the area... (4 replies)
... The first shot was bad, but no worst then a really bad hang over flue. it lasted a few days, the fatigue was bad to cant take a deep breath, but still really barrable to do because I took 3 months to try and learn all I could about this, and read eveyones reports, I new I wonted to get better, so with the good incouragement here I did it by my self, and 6 hrs later it starts,... (8 replies)
... Here is the study that confirmed the connection between smoking and hepatic lesions (pre-cancerous "sores" on the liver.) Smoking, to my knowledge, is not corrollated with SVR in any way. Best wishes on reducing your smoking to zero. Cigarette smoking and hepatic lesions in patients with chronic hepatitis C Abstract A possible hepatotoxicity of cigarette smoke... (39 replies)
... God is so good.... So we will stay with the reduced dose..thats ok by I have the mouth sores all over my lips but they are going threw a quick healing prosses... ... (10 replies)
... ot of vegitibles around for munching on mexican potatoes have a nutual cooling to them and is very soothing for the stomach..Watermellon will help him if he gets sores in his mouth and is also good for your cools it all the way down to the white...not the green.. ... (4 replies)
Blisters on tongue
Jul 21, 2002
... yep, i get those sores myself, they hurt sometimes i cant even eat, i call them back in the old days lie pumps, my mother use to tell us that when you tell a lie you those on your tongue, but anyway mine come an goes, i been on the peg tx also for about 5 months, and i been experiencing a lot of oral problems, so i guess its the sides from the peg tx,so the dr told me theres... (5 replies)
... I hope this post shows up this time! I know someone with hep c and I found something that really has been working for her. She was always getting painful pimples, cold sores, itching and panic attacks. Now her eyes are whiter than they've ever been too! She takes 1/4 teas.of sea/salt w/minerals in it, in the morn. and evening. And drinks 1/2 her body weight in ounces... (2 replies)
Joann jennings
May 20, 2002
... end is a nurse so I have her doing my injections right now...I use to be a drug addict so its a mental thing with me and needles...Today is monday and other than sores in my mouth and a big fevor blister on my lip I feel fine..I have a call in to my doctor to find out if I can take my hormones...they are all natural.. ... (4 replies)
... Cover all sores and rashes and do not touch them. ... (4 replies)
... I'm here to say that it hasn't been true for me. From headaches to depression to paronoia, anxiety,fatigue skin problems,mouth sores and generally feeling like crap continues on a daily basis. ... (10 replies)

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