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... one being minor stage, 4 meaning trouble, as the liver has reached Cirrhosis, fibrosis is the stages of your liver being damaged. ... (12 replies)
... from stage 0 which is no fibrosis to stage 4 which is chirosis. I have type 1 hep c, with stage 3 fibrosis. Type 1 is the hardest to treat, and treatment is usually one year. Treatment for types 2 and 3 are more effective and usually last for 6 months. ... (4 replies)
... Stage 4 refers to the amount of fibrosis in your liver. The definition of cirrosis is stage 4 fibrosis. ... (16 replies)

... d she believe watch Craft an also they use Strong pill and shock treatment too. Now she better and save Christian lady and in chore in chruch. now i taking care of me and i loss becase of the depression of my daughter lossing her shape she was a 5 size and now a size 20 and breathin heavy and has aspma to like me . ... (8 replies)
... s books as I was previously on Interferon for 7 months and did not go into remission. I have had Hep C in my body for over 40 years as I contracted it at the age of 15. ... (8 replies)
... I am at stage 4 chirosis for 2 yrs. now. A gastroenterologist and a hepatologist told me peg and inteferon is not a option for me. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I am at stage 4 chirosis for 2 yrs. now. A gastroenterologist and a hepatologist told me peg and inteferon is not a option for me. ... (8 replies)
Stage 4 chirrosis
Jun 26, 2005
... stage fibrosis before treatment.I did the treatment for 12 months or so. ... (15 replies)
Stage 4 chirrosis
Jun 18, 2005
... so basically they are just monitoring me now.they do blood work every 2 weeks to make sure my potassium isnt going out of the roof with all the fluid pills.i think they want to do another biopsy and check for cancer,cause some test come back aft or something like that. ... (15 replies)
... Hi there it good to no this information you are helping other i will say i proud of you and continue to stay strong in the lord. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone, some of you have read my posts and replies to post and most probably do not know me at all. ... (6 replies)
... Geno 1 Result of Biopsy chronic Hep C mild activity grade 2 of 4 stage 0 fibrosis (19 replies)
... This is a chart, which you cant see but explains, stage four being cirrhosis and stage two only being moderate fibrosis, if this is clear as mud I can find more. ... (12 replies)
Liver Bx results
Oct 23, 2001
... Hi Jeannie. Your biopsy report is pretty good in the scheme of things. Fibrosis just means scarring. So cirrhosis is really fibrosis that has spread throughout the liver. ... (2 replies)
... years and was at early stage cirrhosis. After 30 years, stage 1 fibrosis is minimal and no liver inflammation is excellent. You would have to go thru stage 2 and 3 get to cirrhosis. Stage 4 is considered cirrhosis. I would get a second opinion on tx. Talk about quality of life versus quantity. ... (7 replies)
... are you thinking of treatment? ... (3 replies)
... (4 replies)
... If indeed your doc said STAGE one, there is no rush to treat. ... (4 replies)
... B have had stage two for many years,and still respond to the present treatments. ... (6 replies)
... Ok, that clears up some of the fog, thank you. ... (13 replies)

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