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Need some answers
Jun 25, 2005
... hing you describe is fairly typical of what one would expect. The fact that she was able to treat indicates that her cirrhosis is not so advanced as to warrant a liver transplant. That is very good news. She is likely under the care of a specialist as well. Also good news. ... (1 replies)
... End stage liver disease and liver failure are not the same. ... (31 replies)
... Fluid retention in the abdominal cavity is a part of end stage liver disease when the liver is shutting down and the kidneys are in trouble. Often the patient turns a yellow colour. ... (31 replies)

... It is now the standard of care to vaccinate against hepA and B. One liver disease is more than enough for anyone, and hepA has been been known to cause liver failure in combination with hepC. ... (7 replies)
... (4 replies)
... d your doc said STAGE one, there is no rush to treat. Most hep c cases progress very slowly indeed, and there are rarely any symptoms to speak of, nor threat of liver disease until much later stages. ... (4 replies)
... If you have hep c AND you have elevated iron levels, this combination is especially likely to lead to liver damage, yes. For this reason, everybody who tests pos. for hep c usually gets iron levels checked, too. ... (12 replies)
... Hang in there girl! ... (1 replies)
... Cirrhosis is a stage of scarring where it was once thought the scarring itself was totally irreversible. We know now that, in some instances, it may be reversable by Pegasys. This is one of the things that makes this drug exciting and different. ... (12 replies)
To thanbey
Oct 19, 2002
... I am a 48 year old female, HepC Positive 20 plus years, genotype 1a, viral load 4,670,000 and last month my biopsy came back with 0 liver disease. The lab report didn't have any thing in detail such as stages, and it didn't say anything about portal hypertension. Nada, Zilch. ... (4 replies)
... normal liver at one end, diseased, very bad liver at the other. It's not sufficiently good for determining the stages in between, which is why biopsy is so preferred. ... (8 replies)
... Honey I have not told a soul at work and I really don't want too. I know I will have to tell my boss when I begin treatment, just in case I have to take time off for illness and also its recommended that you do to protect yourself from getting fired for missing work. ... (11 replies)
... ome data...but it's just unknown. It is a very wise decision to stop drinking. Alcohol can speed up the progression of the disease. Well...I wish you the best in deciding what to do. Whatever you one will discourage you. It's not an easy decision. You are at very early stages of liver damage... ... (7 replies)
Hepatitis C test
Apr 3, 2002
... y, I have had hep B, too, so now i show the antibodies to both. oh, and of course i took my own advice and got the vaccine for hep A, so all three must show up in my blood one will EVER let me donate blood again, that's for sure. ... (41 replies)
... Stage 4 fibrosis is the first stage of cirrhosis. There are stages of cirrhosis, too, so don't think this is end stage liver disease. Not by a long shot! ... (9 replies)
... People at all stages of chronic hepatitis C can have symptoms. Many at end stage liver disease still do not have any identifiable symptoms. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, Yeah, I checked my sensitivity level, and this is much more. Noone should have to watch someone berate another person just because "it's who they are." I just don't understand it, and if someone hasn't commented on it, they either have learned to walk away, shut down, or don't care enough to comment on it. I cared. Alot. I respected this person to the extent that I... (6 replies)
... i and we have a lot of hep patients who attend. We meet every week and usually have a minimum of 20 patients to a maximum of 35. They are a good mix at different stages of the disease and some are treating and some are not. I've never seen any of them act inappropriately. ... (6 replies)
... hepatic osteodystrophy. But I am under the impression that it doesn't happen unless the liver was beyond the earliest stages of disease. That is, you are well advised to see a hepatologist and get a biopsy. ... (14 replies)
... An average person with Hep C has no outward symptoms. Most people with the disease don't even know it! ... (4 replies)

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