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... what is stage 4 of cirrhosis and how serious is it? ... (16 replies)
... Cirrhosis is a stage of scarring where it was once thought the scarring itself was totally irreversible. We know now that, in some instances, it may be reversable by Pegasys. ... (12 replies)
... cirrhosis. What reason would my Dr.have for ordering an endoscopic exam. of my esophagus to check for bleeding veins? ... (0 replies)

... one being minor stage, 4 meaning trouble, as the liver has reached Cirrhosis, fibrosis is the stages of your liver being damaged. ... (12 replies)
... When a biopsy comes back at stage 4 or higher, this is cirrhosis. Compensated cirrhosis is still a very manageable disease and there are stages of cirrhosis. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Margo, good to hear from you again. I pulled this post forward from Thanbey. I think it can best answer some of your questions. ... (1 replies)
... Fibrosis and cirrhosis are the same process. It is a scale leading to cirrhosis and then there are stages of cirrhosis. ... (18 replies)
Need some answers
Jun 25, 2005
... People with cirrhosis can lead a normal life, within the limits of the fatigue and symptoms. Everything you describe is fairly typical of what one would expect. The fact that she was able to treat indicates that her cirrhosis is not so advanced as to warrant a liver transplant. ... (1 replies)
... In addition, the rate of progression of cirrhosis was reduced in all treatment regimens. ... (3 replies)
... Stage 4 fibrosis is the first stage of cirrhosis. There are stages of cirrhosis, too, so don't think this is end stage liver disease. Not by a long shot! ... (9 replies)
... First of all, most people with hepatitis c die of something OTHER THAN the hepatitis C. That is a fact. ... (9 replies)
... i don't want to freak out but I am the kind of person who would rather be prepared and know what the possibilities are. Could this be his liver giving out? ... (1 replies)
... just irritated at times. Think about it, it is your life you are dealing with. It is worth a try, I'm doing ok and others have completed the treatments. Each of you have to make your own decision. You have the final say! ... (7 replies)
... showed mild fibrosis. In answer to your question, the 4 stages are inflammation, fibrosis, cirrhosis, cancer. ... (7 replies)
... ve me bld then. I'll prob do the tx It would prob be irresponsible not to give myself a chance I keep tellin myself if I had the tx 11yrs ago I might not have cirrhosis now. ... (7 replies)
... I hope you get a reply because I am in the same boat right now. I had biopsy done in 96 and was found to have mild hep c. I did nothing for 11yrs. All my numbers are elevated, had biopsy done 6 wks ago and it showed cirrhosis. Moderate. My Md is saying I need to go on the tx. I am geno 1 and he gives me a 40% response to tx. My liver is funtioning well at the present. Like... (7 replies)
... and he ended up needed a water pill because he was retaining too much fluid. After he got on one, his stomach did deflate, for lack of a better word. He also had a bleeding ulcer and verices in his esophagus. He did end up in the hospital from them. ... (1 replies)
... Stage 4 refers to the amount of fibrosis in your liver. The definition of cirrosis is stage 4 fibrosis. ... (16 replies)
... Hey Wes! I just have to put in my two cents also. I was one of those "few" that got Hep C from a needlestick while working as a medical lab technician. ... (6 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear you're in the advance stages of Cirrhosis. I sure hope all goes well for you. Being only 36, your still young. Shoot, my hubby is still young as far as I'm concerned. ... (17 replies)

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