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Hi. I am new here. My history. I was dx with hsv2 blood test while pregnant with my daughter - 4 years ago. I was infected 20 years ago by boyfriend but never had an outbreak that I know of. 3 weeks ago I had an outbreak - culture verified. Valtrex 500mg 2x a day for 7 days. It didn't completely clear up so kept taking that dose and am still on it - it seems like I will feel okay for a day or 2 and then the cuts come back. Not the lesions though - that just was initially. I have poured over posts but can't find what I'm looking my questions are these:

1- is this common( everything I read says 14 days usually)?

2. Is continuing the 2x valtrex even worth it or should I step down to one a day? ( my doctors office said "it won't hurt - but honestly feels like it's not doing much so seems a waste to me)

3. Are the cuts an outbreak or considered a prodrome ?

4. My husband who knows wants to have sex but I'm terrified of passing it if he doesn't have it ( even with a condom) and also getting another bout of sores from the friction. Should I wait till ob is completely cleared before having sex?

This has been awful and I feel psychologically drained and physically not great. I have changed my diet to exclude trigger foods. I am so tired of thinking about this and know I can't get rid of hsv2 but would like this portion to be over now. Lol. Thanks in advance

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