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Hsv2 on da buttocks
Dec 16, 2003
Hello all, this is my first post. I've been following the board for two months now and decided to participate.
I have hsv2, but I only get it on my butt. It usually comes out as a group of small blisters that itch like heck and scab over and dissapear in a few days. And it's never in the same spot, it occurs on either cheek or sometime by my tailbone. But never above the waist or below my butt, or in the front (and never by the anus). I'm just curious if there's others out there who have the same thing?
And also, how the heck did I get it? I've had this for over 15 years now, at first I thought it was just some sort of heat rash from sweating (I live on a pacific island). I actually saw a few doctors before I was correctly diagnosed (one even thought it was a spider bite). I mean I know it was from unprotected sex back in my 'wild' years, but shouldn't it come out closer to my privates then on my butt? I am a fully heterosexual female loving male, so I don't know how herpes ended up on my butt.
But I've learned to deal with it, as I see all of you have. I take lysine and garlic pills also, and have made my batch of garlic oil I've read about here waiting for the next outbreak.
I have some more questions but I'll keep it short as I'm still the 'newbie'.
thanks all...

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