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I can relate totally to what youīre going through! Iīve had this damn virus for less than two months and the same questiosn run in my head as well. I donīt know either if I have hsv-1 or 2 yet, but like you I fear itīs going to be number 2...I have a gyn appointment as well this week, but wonīt find out my type yet, I need to wait for another month to get a type specific blood test done. The initial one came back negative for both 1 and 2.

Iīm fearing a new obīs like hell myself. I think I have had some minor ones, not quite sure, no lesions or blisters though again since my primary. Keep looking with a mirror all the time and feeling my body for any weird sensations. Drives me nuts! Working or doing anything for that matter has been hard or impossible, I just canīt concentrate. I feel like Iīm locked inside my own little world and I donīt even like to go out from my apartment. I think itīs because my mind so filled with just one thing, herpes, herpes, herpes...

And I too ran out to get any kind of vitamin I could get my hands on and tried to cut out arganine rich foods from my diet. I donīt know if the mini obīs I might be having are related to some foods, canīt quite pinpoint the enemy. I canīt get my hands on RMA right now but will get some Lysine shortly. Other than that I take a Centrum multivitamin, a B-complex, a 1000mg garlic pill and a C-vitamin/Magnesium pill everyday. Nothing more exotic available right now.

I seem to be getting these pimple like bumps near my anal region, like on the sides where there is some pubic hair (sorry for the graphics!), donīt know if itīs herpes or not. No pain is involved, no real itch either. They come and go, so I donīt know if itīs herpes related, never paid that much attentikon to that region before. But I have used garlic oil on them, seems like they go away over night if I put garlic oil on them in the evening. Last night though I was so stressed out about them, the possibility of an ob, that I hardly slept. I think the stress is causing some of the small symptoms Iīm having, very mild vaginal pain sometimes, like the muscles being high strung even there.

Try the home made garlic oil! Thereīs an excellent thread on that! I canīt find any garlic oil capsules (the ones I eat are compressed powder), but I make the oil myself. Just cut some cloves into smaller pieces, put them into a container and cover with olive oil. Let it sit for a while and then dab some oil with a q-tip on the area which is irritated. I read somewhere that garlic oil is good for yeast infections too. Some people rub raw garlic directly on obīs, I donīt know if that would be a bit too much for me, could irritate the skin more. But some say theyīve never seen an ob in that area since, after treating it with raw garlic! Supposedly it has helped people with their neurological pain too, I read someone squezzed/rubbed fresh garlic on his lymphs and lower back for a while and the nerve pains which had been going on for years stopped!

Anyway, I know you feel like you have tons of questions now and fear the future, just to let you know youīre not the only one :).

Keep posting on you progress!

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