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[QUOTE=LynnDewald1]I am 9 months pregnant and have had terrible, constant outbreaks throughout my pregnancy. I have had herpes for four years though. I can't seem to shake the virus and am getting worried since my baby is considered full-term now. I have been taking Valtrex suppressive therapy for 1 week and 3 days now and have only gotten worse. I woke up this morning terribly itchy with new sores forming. This shouldn't be happening if I am taking a daily treatment? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am wondering if we should start planning a C-section. I was hoping to avoid this. I am 37 weeks along though and the medication doesn't seem to be working. Do I give it time (was hoping to be induced within the next two weeks) or do I just go through with the C-section? If I'm going to need one, I want to do it now and just get it out of the way.[/QUOTE]

I'm in the same boat as you. My due date is today, and no baby yet, but I started taking Valtrex at 36 weeks, but I have continued to get outbreaks as welll, really only when I began my last month of pregnancy. It seems like when one heals up, another one is right there to take it's place, mine don't hurt or itch, but they are causing me constant irritation when I walk. I know that it is common to get more outbreaks while pregnant because of a weakend immune system. I really don't want a c-section either, but I am thinking that it is probably going to go that route. You should discuss all of this with your doctor, she will be able to advise you on what to do.

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